Welcome to the Southern Door School District Combined Information and Technology Plan for 2015 through 2018.  Planning efforts focused around the singular goal of increasing student achievement.  At the heart of this plan are the Information and Technology Services Vision, Mission, and Goals for the next three years.  These goals, continually evaluated and monitored, will be pursued using resources from the district’s budget, which are outlined in this plan.

This technology plan includes background information about the Southern Door School District and the various stakeholders and their roles.  The plan addresses technology and library media staffing as well as the planning process used to generate this document.

A detailed needs assessment student and staff survey gathered information on the current status of district technology.  Studies were done to identify current trends, relevant research, and best practices in the instructional technology field.  Instructions to disseminate, monitor, and evaluate this plan are described.

The action steps are based on two documents˗ Partnership for 21st Century Skills “The MILE Guide” (Milestones for Improving Learning and Education) and Wisconsin's “Digital Learning Plan."  The 21st Century Skills MILE Guide was created to allow educators and administrators to measure the progress of their schools in defining, teaching and assessing 21st century skills. This hands-on tool helps schools integrate 21st century skills with basic skills for a stronger, more effective curriculum that successfully prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace. These action plans move the district from the “early stage” of implementation of 21st Century Skills to the “transitional stage” according to “The MILE Guide.”


The following research supports the action plans created by district stakeholders:

  • How Digital Content is Changing Education

  • Wisconsin’s A Shared Vision for DIgital Learning

  • Partnership for 21st Century Mile Guide

  • International Society of Technology Educators

The report, How Digital Content is Changing Education, encourages districts to adopt and develop digital curricula.  Digital curriculum flexibly allows students to move at their own pace; is easily updatable (brings students the latest knowledge, information, and skills); is adaptive to students’ needs (personalized learning); is interactive and creates a connected environment between the learning community as they explore and respond; and makes learning relevant and authentic.  

Wisconsin’s A Shared Vision for Digital Learning recommends that students are taught by teachers who utilize technology to enhance learning (2012).  It is the District’s goal for teachers to move along the continuum (MILE Guide Self-Assessment Survey) and focus on at least two of the seven ISTE standards of technology to improve student engagement and learning, as well as teacher productivity.  

It is the District’s goal for Southern Door students to be fully-equipped for their future in the rapidly-changing world.  Utilizing The Partnership for 21st Century Skills “The MILE Guide” (Milestones for Improving Learning and Education) and A Shared Vision for Digital Learning in Wisconsin, the District will focus on four areas for technology growth- (1) Access to Information Resources and Learning Tools, (2) Effective Learning and Teaching Practices, (3) Student Achievement, and (4) Support Systems and Leadership.  

With the assistance of the District Technology Advisory Group, the following goals were developed:

  1. Promote all library resources.

  2. Provide a variety of experiences to educate students, staff, and community about the ethical and safe use of technology.

  3. Provide differentiated technology training for staff.

  4. Encourage students, staff, and community members to take advantage of onsite and offsite technology-related opportunities

  5. Encourage innovation in the use of technology to improve student learning.

  6. Facilitate the use of technology as a tool to use resources more efficiently, foster innovation, make learning more relevant, and engage students actively in their education.

  7. Develop leaders among staff, students, and community.

  8. Communicate change and engage all stakeholders.

  9. Revise school district policies to increase innovation and access to technology.

Goals were identified after a comprehensive review of best practices, review of relevant research, analysis of District assessment data, and review of our current progress toward the Districts previous plan.

This plan provides the Southern Door School District with a systematic process for integrating 21st Century skills into teaching and learning. Communicate change and engage all stakeholders.


Information (Library Media) and Technology Vision Statement: The primary purpose of the Southern Door County School District Technology Plan is to enhance the teaching and learning process through the effective use of technology with an end goal of improving student learning.  

Information (Library Media) and Technology Mission Statement: We foresee making all children technologically literate by providing all teachers the training and support they need to help students learn through computers and technology; by developing effective and engaging software and on-line learning resources as an integral part of the school curriculum; by providing access to modern computers for all teachers and students; and by connecting every classroom to the information superhighway.


The Southern Door County School District was established on April 5, 1960.  The high school was completed in 1963.  The elementary/middle school was completed in 1974.  Southern Door County School buildings are located on a beautiful 129 acre site on Highway 57, six miles north of Brussels and seven miles south of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  Included on the site are numerous athletic fields, large playground areas, school forest, schoolyard garden, and a historical one room schoolhouse.

The Southern Door County School District is located on the lower half of the Door County Peninsula in Northeastern Wisconsin.  The school district is made up of approximately 196 square miles.  Southern Door is a rural area that encompasses 12 municipalities in Southern Door County.

Many citizens of the district work in nearby Sturgeon Bay or Green Bay.  The Southern Door area has a strong Belgian heritage.  

Southern Door has miles of shoreline and boasts Potawatomi Park, which provides many recreational activities.  Door County is known as "The Cape Cod of the Midwest," with a large year-round tourism industry.  The peninsula is also popular for its cherry and apple orchards.

Additional information about the Southern Door County School District can be found on the District’s website at http://www.southerndoor.k12.wi.us.


The Southern Door School District utilized a wide variety of individuals from all segments of the school and community in its technology planning process.  During the winter and spring of 2015, the District administered four technology surveys to community members, parents, students, and staff in an effort to establish needs assessment data for our current plan.  Survey results can be accessed by visiting the “needs” tab above.  

The District Technology Advisory Group met in October of 2014 to reestablish the committee, discuss future goals and plans for the district, and discuss current progress toward our goals. Below are the names of the District Technology Advisory Group:

  • Angela Olson - Library Media Specialist

  • Jessica Meacham - Teacher

  • Maree Baumann - Teacher

  • Laurie Connell - Administrator

  • Gary Langenberg - Administrator

  • Mike Zittlow - Parent, Teacher

  • Marc Vandenhouten - Teacher

  • Chris Telfer - Teacher

  • Pamela Parks - Parent

  • Barb Maskell - Community Member

  • Jason Rouer - Community Member

  • Brenda Shimon - Parent, Administrator

  • Patricia Vickman - Superintendent