Talofa lava. Malo le Soifua maua male Lagi e mama. Vi'ia le Atua I lona alofa ma lona agalelei. Talofa lava le mamalu o Samoa aemaise le faafofoga'aga i uo ma e masani. Afio mai ile tatou itulau mo le Gagana Samoa i lenei Kolisi.

Welcome  to our site.  Samoan language  has being taught in our school from Year 7 to Year 10 for few years until they offering NCEA Level 1 in 2007.  The first NCEA class which is Level 1 NCEA began in 2007 with only 10 students.  The development of Samoan language over the last few years has been a challenge .  However, we were fortunate to have the support from our SMT, our Samoan Community and also our colleagues to develop Samoan Language in our college. From the start, we were trying to form a great partnership with our Samoan community to strengthen our Language, this has been one of the keys in our success. 
We started with only 10 female students sitting NCEA level 1 in 2007.  Then our school offered Level 2 in 2008 and the first Level 3 NCEA Samoan Class was offered in 2009. The success of Samoan Language has been remarkable in the last few years.  The number of students enrolled in our Samoan courses have increased each year.  At the moment our kura offers Samoan Language from Year 7 to Year 13.  There are two teachers teaching our Year 7 and 8 classes. We also have another teacher teaching our Year 9 and 10 classes.
In 2013, we offered an E- Learning class for Level 3 Samoan for students who want to take Samoan courses Nationally. We offered our Samoan Courses to Ashburton College in Christchurch, Selwyn College in Auckland and Queens Girls College in Otago. We had 16 students from the above Schools to take our courses. 3 students from Slewyn College, 3 students from Queens Girls College and 10 students from Ashburton College in Christchurch.
 E- Learning makes our Samoan Language courses accessible to students no matter where they are in Aotearoa.  Now, we are offering both Level 2 and Level 3 Samoan NCEA courses online in 2014. Ashburton College in Christchurch, Wellington Girls. College, Chanel College in Hasting, Slewyn College and Epsom. Grammar Girls in Auckland, Northcote College in North Habour, Otago Girls College and Otago Boys College and also Queens Girls College.
In 2014, I have the opportunity to expand our E- learning teaching Level 2 and Level 3 Samoan because the numbers have been increased. Therefore, we are trying our best to cater for our Samoan students for the other parts of Aotearoa.
Scholarship Samoan Exams:
Samoan scholarship exam was re-introduced back in 2011 after discussion with Ministry of Education to bring our Samoan Scholarship exams back. Our first student who achieved our Samoan Scholarship exam was Vaaiga Leituala in 2011, no one received in 2012 and In 2013 was one of our excellent student Ivan Auelua achieved this exam. 2014, 2 students, Jireh Seiuli from our school and Sala Touli from Ashburton College who was enrolled in our E-Learning Samoan course. In 2015 one of our best educator Tairene Taiaese received the scholarship and we are looking forward for 2016.  
Tipalelupe Lala Toatasi Tuua,
Mar 1, 2014, 9:35 PM