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Stallholders Terms and Conditions

Booking forms must be completed and returned by 31st March 2019.  Payment must be made by 31st March 2019. An entry pass will be sent a month before the event, no access will be given without a pass.

All trade pitches are ‘end to end’. You will be allocated a specific space. Please ensure that your stand does not extend beyond the boundaries of your allocated space. If you require additional space or require side access to the stand please let us know in plenty of time.  We welcome interesting and interactive displays.
Amplified ‘pitching’ and ‘perambulating agents’ are not permitted.  ‘Sub-letting’, assignment or resale of space is not permitted. No chairs or tables are supplied please bring your own.
This is a Green Fair – we will prioritise goods and services that are sustainable, locally sourced and ethically produced. 

Vehicle access will be from 6.30am to 8am. All stands must be set up by 9am and vehicles removed to the car park. Closing and dismantling of stands is from 5pm.  Vehicles may be brought onto the public area from 5.15pm.  Stallholders may leave their stands and / or equipment in place overnight at their own risk.  The organisers cannot accept liability for loss or damage to stallholders’ stock or belongings or equipment and will not be responsible for monitoring the security of stallholders’ equipment.

Goods sold must be those described on the booking forms. If there are any changes to your goods please let us know in advance. This is a Green Fair – we will prioritise goods and services that are sustainable, locally sourced and ethically produced. 

Stallholders must be aware of and comply with any relevant trading standards, licensing and other requirements and legislation.  Hygiene certificates must be submitted to the organisers in advance by anyone selling food.  All stands and catering units must be maintained in a clean, tidy and hygienic condition throughout the event.  Regular monitoring must be carried out by the stallholder to ensure no hazards arise.

There are no vehicle movements on the public areas while the event is open to the public.  Approved vehicles will be issued with passes in advance. 

No generators, petrol or other flammable substances are to be brought to the Sustainability Centre without the written consent of the event organisers.  

No electricity is supplied to traders, caterers etc, unless pre-booked with event organizers.  All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.

Contact the organisers well in advance if you wish to bring animals, birds, fish, reptiles or insects to the show. All care must be taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of living creatures during the show. 

All stall holders should minimise the waste produced in association with their stall. Food containers and packaging should be recyclable and/or compostable where possible. Recycling bins will be provided.  Non-recyclable waste must be taken away by stall holders. 

Each stallholder shall indemnify the organisers against all liabilities, actions, costs, claims and compensations for injury or loss to any persons, or damages as a result of his/her involvement in the event.  Each stallholder must adequately insure to cover all his/her liabilities.  The organisers are not liable for any theft, loss or damage to persons or property which the stallholder, their agent or staff may cause or sustain from any cause whatsoever.  

In the event of cancellation, abandonment, postponement or limitation of the event, there will be no claim against the organisers who reserve the right to transfer the event to another venue and/or date.  The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings or expenses incurred by the stalldholder as the result of cancellation, abandonment or limitation of the event, the failure of electricity supply, inclement weather, incorrect or non-appearance of advertisements, removal of directional signs or any other factor.

The organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel bookings for this and other events from any stallholder failing to comply with any of the aforementioned conditions or with any reasonable request made by the organisers or their staff, either verbally or in writing.  The stallholder may also be asked to leave the showground immediately.  In this situation there will be no claim against the organisers.