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  • Principal Kelly in Charge Shaker Road 4th grader Scott Kelly assumed the reins of power today, serving as Principal-for-a-Day to the delight of his 4th grade classmates.  While patiently enduring dozens ...
    Posted Sep 11, 2012, 10:43 AM by William Dollard
  • Happy Spring!! It has been quite some time since a post was provided here on Turtle Chronicles.  Please consider it a reflection of lives all too busy rather than any feeling that ...
    Posted Mar 20, 2012, 7:41 AM by William Dollard
  • Hoops for a Cause Recently, the Shaker Road staff was invited to participate in a charity basketball game with the staff at Veeder Elementary School.  As the two buildings at the school district's ...
    Posted Feb 3, 2012, 11:47 AM by William Dollard
  • New Year's Resolutions? Do you believe in making New Year's resolutions?  If yes, are they "pie-in-the-sky" or are they truly attainable?  If no, why not?  There are a few ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:24 AM by William Dollard
  • Brovember Donation to Us TOO! The 30 days of Brovember passed very quickly.  With each passing day, the men at Shaker Road grew more bristly.  Along the way, students and staff and folks from our ...
    Posted Dec 2, 2011, 9:35 AM by William Dollard
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Welcome to Turtle Chronicles !!  The aim of Turtle Chronicles will be to provide meaningful information and links to all that is going on at Shaker Road Elementary School.  For those of you who are new to Shaker Road, it is a K-4 building with just over 300 students.  The school enjoys tremendous support from student families and community partners.   For all of the most important areas by which schools are judged as 'outstanding,' Shaker Road consistently excels.  The school is safe, comfortable and staffed by a very talented and committed group of educators.  The multiple tasks of ensuring student progress is shared in a most meaningful way, a method that invariably has visitors or new arrivals marveling at the teamwork.  There is a long tradition of community service at Shaker Road, which has us linked to a host of very important efforts that provide teachable moments each year for the students (Joining Hearts & Hands/Sister Schools in Kenya, Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society, Double H Ranch, Ronald McDonald House, Equinox/Holiday Dinner, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and several efforts to support our troops overseas, to name a few).  The Shaker Road PTA is as generous and hard-working as any PTA you can imagine.  Their work ensures that student programs in the school have that "little extra" to make the Shaker Road experience more memorable.  Our Imagination Station playground has been a Loudonville landmark for nearly 20 years, providing endless hours of enjoyment for families in the neighborhood.  In sum, this is a special place! 
Our overarching goal at Shaker Road is to educate the Whole Child.  We encourage you to visit the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD) at http://www.wholechildeducation.org/about/, where you can gather more information about the Whole Child Compact, sign up for free newsletters, tap into some additional resources and generally get a sense of what we're trying to accomplish.   
As we add to the site, know that the links found in the sidebar above direct you to locations where you will find information that is crucial to understanding life at Shaker Road.  Notes From the Principal's Office is the blog of William E. Dollard, the Shaker Road building principal.  Like any blog, this site will provide announcements, insights, appeals, inspirations and other information.  Mr. Dollard always has good intentions to update the blog at least once or twice a week but we all know what they say about good intentions. 
Beneath Home you will find a list of sub-pages that deal directly with some key topics.  The Power of Nice page will provide you with information that has been crucial to our anti-bullying program we have in place at Shaker Road, better known as "The Power of Nice." 
The Parents sub-page will give you access to research-based articles from the "Parents Make the Difference" newsletter, which cover all sorts of topics related to the vital link between home and school.  As Turtle Chronicles grows, we will add other sub-pages that are related to ongoing issues at school or home.   
Random Links of Interest  will take you to a host of links that help you get a better sense of our school and all of the great things that go on here daily.  Whether it is a link to the district's website, the state's data on schools or a teacher's classroom webpage or blog, you will find those links on that page.  As for the original version of Turtle Chronicles, (http://theturtlechronicles.weebly.com/) that link is there in the event you want to view old posts.  We will update all of these pages regularly to help further your understanding of life here at Shaker Road, as well as to get you straight to other relevant educational information.
We are eager to share our good news and our progress with you through Turtle Chronicles and we look forward to your input and feedback.  Stay tuned...

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