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Sections 603 and 604
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Ms. Detrick (Room 104)  Ms. Corigliano (Room 106)
Resource: Mrs. Duraski and Mrs. Yelle 
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New: Pilot Program: Castle Learning
Student username:  7-digit school ID # followed by sc     
ex. 0245613sc (zeros must be placed at beginning if ID has less than seven digits)
Student password:  7-digit school ID#                                     
ex. 0245613 (Use zeros if necessary)

(This should be the same log in that students use to access our school network. Parents, PLEASE ask your child to share this with you so that you can access his/her grades.)
Special Announcement: The District has reported an error in the Aspen Program that began at about 12:30 pm on 10/31. Grade book data entered between 10/3 and 10/31 was deleted  from all Aspen Accounts in South Colonie. Although back up data has been kept by the teachers, students and parents will not be able to access data entered between 10/3 and 10/31 using the Aspen account. The data that is currently visible in  "student" Aspen accounts for Quarter 1 was the average on October 3rd  and does not reflect the average that is considered "final" for quarter 1.  


Create a South Colonie Google Docs Account: Go to:


Click here to open your Google Docs Account

 (Your user name is your student ID #,  Your  password is your student ID#. You will be prompted to change your password if you are a first time user. DO NOT forget this password. Ms. Detrick will not be able to help you retrieve it  if you forget your password. )

Video: Help on Setting Up Your Google Docs Account

Video: Proper Use of the "Take Home Folder"

Video: Using TenMarks for Math Help and Extra Credit

Video: Navigating The Class Web Site

Video instruction on how to access some of the math resources available. (A change from when this was recorded: Use your student ID number for your user name and password.)

To Log into your Quia account: http://www.quia.com/web

Your user name is: firstlast349 (For example: johndoe349)

Your password is your student ID # (Can be found on your report card, or any school issued document.)

This account will be used for your ELA, Science, and Math classes, Some tests will be taken in our computer lab. You will need to log into your account to access some tests.

For students having difficulty logging in, use the guest log in:

Username: studentguest73

Password: guest

Getting to Know You
http://www.quia.com/sv/2543.html New Students. Take this on-line survey by September 12th. 

Internal Profile Assessment


Classroom Procedures


Consider creating a "Dropbox" account to store your files.Access your files from home or school. (E-mail account required)

you may prefer "Google Docs" to do the same thing.



This link will be used occasionally while our class is in the computer lab. Room: Detrick


Mr. Pitts Computer Lab Web Site

Video: A Cyber Privacy Parable

Video: Dignity for All Students Act- A Guide for Parents


Team of Teachers

  • Ms. Detrick (Science)
  • Ms. Corigliano (Social Studies) 
  • Mrs. Duraski (Resource)


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