Fact Finder

Facts Finder for May

Directions: Copy and paste these questions into Google Document or Microsoft Word. You may work with another student to answer these questions (hint: share a document in Google Docs.) Use your favorite Internet search engine and other WWW resources to answers these questions.

Calculations occasionally are required.
1. Web cams allow you to view video or pictures via the Internet. Check out these nest cams.

How is this technology useful to ornithologists?

2. The mayor of your town has proposed green roof technology be used in the new town hall. Everyone is a buzz. What is the big deal? (Use your Internet research skills to uncover the concept.)

3. Complete this Mount McKinley MathMastery Challenge

4. Who was the mountain, in question 3, "officially" named for?

Why was this name chosen?

The mountain has another name. What is it?

Which name do you believe is correct? Explain.

Where must you go to climb this mountain?

Approximately how many miles is it from your school to "the High One"?

Convert this to kilometers.

5. How tall will Denali be when you graduate from high school?

Explain the geologic phenomena that is causing it to grow taller.

Starting in 2007, there will be an annual limit imposed on the number of climbers of Denali.

6. May is National Strawberry Month. Why are strawberries a nutritious snack?

7. According to the Cherokee people, what is the May moon called?

Identify a group of Native Americans that live/lived in your state or region.
What do they call the month of May?

Do all Native American tribes have the same name for May's moon?
TAI (think about it!)Why?

Give your own name to the month of May. Explain your choice.

8. May 1st is Law Day in the USA. What is meant by the phrase "the rule of law?"

9. Mount St. Helens volcano, located in the state of Washington, erupted May 18th, 1980.
How long did it continue to erupt?

What is a consequence of a volcano erupting?

10. Think outside the box. (Perhaps I should say membrane. ;-)
Read about these interesting bacteria Caulobacter crescentus.
How can they be used to solve a problem?

11. Listen to Woman's Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists.

Would you like to have her gift or not?

What did you wear the first day of school this year?

Can you recall what you had for lunch on that day?

12. Multiplication Patterns Watch the video. Do the 3s and 7s. What do you find?

13. Find out why it is so special that the falcons have nested on the Rachel Carson Building, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hint - Who was Rachel L. Carson?

14. George Washington's extended family once owned this land. Legend has it that the first president himself stood on the bluff now occupied by the house, to survey the future site of the federal city. Robert E. Lee called it home for about 30 years. Today many consider it the United States' most hallowed ground.What is it called today?

Name one person from your state who is interred there.
15. May 14 is the birthday of Gabriel Fahrenheit. What did he invent?

What does it actually measure?

Name one way his invention impacts your life.

16. Lose your Excuse website
Identify one way your school is using energy wisely.

What is one way that you use energy wisely?

Extend you effort: Make an energy saving ad