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Meeting Meeting DescriptionDate
May 2018 HDRG Meeting Notes Dr. Sonia Smith introduced the interdisciplinary team that worked on the research project including nursing honors students, graduate students, and faculty members from both the College of Nursing and the Psychology Department. Kristina Caffey, a freshman pre-nursing student, was the catalyst for the Barriers to Healthy Sleep Project. A graduate of Baker High School and from the Center for Healthy Communities STARS and STRIPES program, Kristina in partnership with the College of Nursing submitted an abstract for the 13th Annual Break the Cycle of Environmental Health Disparities program. The team also received a College of Nursing Dean’s Grant to help fund the research.  May 18, 2018 
April 2018 HDRG Meeting Notes The presentation focused on the work of the HDRG steering committee in charting the way forward for HDRG. Dr. Arrieta and Lynette began with an overview of the original vision and mission as well as historical context for the discussions. They reported that the steering committee had debated using the language of “health equity” (ability of individuals to achieve the best health possible when barriers are removed) or “health disparities” (metric for measuring health equity. The HDRG meeting participants affirmed the steering committee’s decision to use the language of health equity. The new vision reads: “To be an integral facilitator for promoting health equity through community-campus partnerships.” The new mission reads: “To provide a forum for the development and nurturing of collaborative interdisciplinary, community-engaged partnerships, ideas, and projects that strive toward health equity.” The membership also agreed on five goals for HDRG: 1) Enhancing faculty capabilities in the science of health equity research; 2) Garnering resources to support health equity research; 3) Engaging community members as partners in its endeavors; 4) Disseminating community engaged research in the promotion of health equity; and, 5) Establishing an interface with policy makers.  April 20, 2018 
March 2018 HDRG Meeting Minutes Dr. Jeremy Fletcher began the presentation by introducing the student presenters, explaining that the service learning experience with Dancing Without Limits (DWL) was a part of their training. Cohorts of 40 students taking PT680 which focuses on instruction and communication in clinical environments are required to go through the program. They write reflection papers about their experiences. The students also also engaged in a research group doing a qualitative study of perceived benefits of DWL among parents of program participants. The objectives of the presentation: 1) describe the partnership; 2) provide student perspectives; and 3) discuss opportunities for collaboration.  March 16, 2018 
February 2018 HDRG Meeting Minutes Dr. Roma Hanks, Co-Core director – Community Outreach at the Center for Healthy Communities, led a team of individuals in discussing the evolution of the Regional Health Disparities Symposia (RHDS) from a presentation format to a town hall dialogue style exchange. Co-presenters were Candis Patterson, Health Education Specialist, Mary Williams, Community Outreach Coordinator, Shannon Shelley-Tremblay, Director Office of Community Engagement, and Barbara Hodnett, Community Health Advocate.  February 16, 2018 
November 2017 HDRG Meeting Minutes Danny Patterson, Coordinator, Collaborations and partnerships, Gulf States Health Policy Center (GSHPC), shared about his experiences with coalition building to work for health equity. Working in 5 states (Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas) GSHPC united with community members, partner organizations, and service providers to form coalitions including 130 multi-sector community organizations in the states of Alabama (cities of Mobile and Birmingham) and Mississippi (cities of Hattiesburg & Gulfport/Biloxi). Coalition members represent a range of groups including faith-based organizations, government, education, primary care, mental health, housing, academia, public health, business, law enforcement, and other community-based organizations. GSHPC works with both local and national partners in their work.  November 17, 2017 
October 2017 HDRG Meeting Minutes Ms.Shannon Shelley-Tremblay, formerly project manager for the Center for Healthy Communities, reported on her experience at the 2017 Summer Intensive hosted by the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH). Titled “Structural Inequality: An On The Ground View”, the intensive provided a two-day experiential learning opportunity to the approximately 35 attendees who ranged in age from 16 to 86 and came from various walks of life. Dr. Martha Arrieta, Director of the Research Core at the Center for Healthy Communities, informed the group of the recent publication of an article about the evolution of the HDRG in the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.  October 20, 2017 
February 2017 HDRG Meeting Minutes “Results from the USA Medical Center and USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment” (T. Shaw, J. Bunch) Dr. Thomas Shaw, a founding member of HDRG, and Dr. Jaclyn Bunch, also a member of HDRG, are professors in the USA Department of Political Science who study health policy. Additionally, Dr. Shaw is the Director of the USA Polling Group/Survey Research Center. In 2016 they were contracted by The USAMC and Children’s and Women’s Hospital to lead the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)-- the IRS mandated assessment which must be conducted by all US nonprofit hospital systems every three years. The team included a community based survey in which 200 community members were randomly selected for a telephone survey (both landline and cell phone). Another 200 community members were selected from the USA Health System’s patient population. The study methodology included the development of a demographic profile using secondary data sources with cross comparisons with the state of Alabama and the US and the telephone survey of community members. February 17, 2017 
October 2016 HDRG Meeting Minutes A multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students shared their experiences as founders and participants Project Homeless Connect (PHC). This annual one day even provides various resources including medical services, legal services, dental and vision screenings, and access to housing assistance to the health disparate population of homeless individuals and families in Mobile and Baldwin counties. The team from USA coordinates and provides all medical screenings and clinical services offered at the event.  October 21, 2016 
September 2016 Meeting Minutes Ms. Sarah Wraight, graduate research assistant with the Center for Healthy Communities and Master’s candidate in the department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, together with Ms. Candis Patterson, Health Education Specialist with the Center for Healthy Communities, presented “Will they stay or will they go? Long term commitment to a community health advocacy program.” The presentation was based on a poster presentation given by Ms. Wraight, Dr. Roma Hanks, and Ms. Patterson at the Women’s Health Update Conference held at UAB in August. Dr. Hanks, who was unable to attend the HDRG meeting, has directed the CHA work for several years and designed the project methodology used for the research presented in the poster. The team conducted interviews with the several of the longest serving and currently active Community Health Advocates (CHAs). Their study identified the key factors that allowed this group of CHAs to continue working with the Center for Healthy Communities through the more than 10 years. September 16, 2016 
May 2016 Meeting Minutes Several Center for Healthy Communities team members attended the Campus Community Partnerships Conference 2016 in New Orleans, LA on May 11-14. Shannon Shelley-Tremblay (Project Manager) , Dr. Roma Hanks (Co-Core Director-Community Outreach), Naima Wells (Research Coordinator), Marcellus Hudson (Research Technician II), Sherron Dortch (Senior Research Apprentice), and Lynette Parker (Research Assistant) presented on sessions they attended and the value of their participation in the conference. May 20, 2016 
April 2016 HDRG Meeting Notes Presentation by the CHC Research Office on the Research Apprenticeship Experience and an overview of REDCap by Clista Clanton April 15, 2016 
March 2016 HDRG Meeting Minutes Presentation by Dr. Kimberly Littlefield, Assistant Vice President for Research Development and Learning at USA: Lessons from an NIMHD CBPR RFA Review Process – Elements of Successful Proposals: Dr. Littlefield presented on her March 18, 2016 
February 2016 HDRG Meeting Minutes Presentation by Emily Blejwas, Executive Director & Danny K. Patterson, Coordinator of Collaborations & Partnerships, The Gulf Coast Health Policy Center. February 19, 2016 
November 2015 HDRG Meeting Minutes Presentation by Michael Gunter, 3 rd year Medical Student, UAB Summer Research Program Participant, “Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle in People with Disabilities or Obesity” November 20, 2015 
October 2015 HDRG Meeting Minutes Discussions included an overview of the UAB Community Engagement Institute held on October 1 and an overview of a 5 year plan for a USA CBPR hub October 16, 2015 
September 2015 Meeting Minutes Lessons Learned from the 2015 NIMHD Health Disparities Course Presentation by Dr. Diego Alvarez September 18, 2015 
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