South Central Local School District considers workplace safety to be a priority.  The district is a member of the Huron County Safety Council and attends monthly safety meetings.  The district also has a Safety Committee that meets regularly to investigate accidents/incidents/near misses.  South Central Local School District wants to make the district a safe environment for their employees.

Safety Committee Members- Andrea Gerdeman, Tim Hall, Lori Wheeler, Traci Montgomery, Dennis Blanchard, Beth Lykins
Please contact any of these members with your concerns. 

I've been injured but need no medical treatment.  What do I do?

Incident- any unplanned event that MAY have caused an injury or damage to property or equipment.  NO medical treatment is necessary.

1.  Report to immediate supervisor

2.  Complete Incident/Near Miss Report
     form 1115

3.  Witness to incident/near miss must
     complete Witness Statement

I've been injured and need medical treatment. What do I do?

Accident - any unplanned event that HAS caused an injury.  Immediate medical evaluation and treatment is needed. 

1.  Report to immediate supervisor if                possible

2.  Seek medical attention

3.  Complete Workplace Accident                       Reporting form 1110, if back                       injury also complete form 1111         

4.  Witness to accident must complete              Work Related Injury Witness Statement        form 1113 

Accident Reporting Form 1110                     

 Back Injury form 1111

Witness Statement form 1113  

I've seen unsafe working conditions, unsafe employee habits, improper use of equipment, use of malfunctioning equipment.  What do I do?

 Complete a Near Miss Report and turn into your immediate supervisor or a member of the districts Safety Committee. 

Near Miss Report