S o u n d  G r o u n d w o r k

sound (sau̇nd), n. 1. the perceptual impression made on the ear by an impulse or vibration. 2. a distinctive or recognizable musical style, as from a particular performer, composer, or region. adj. 1. competent, sensible, or reliable; exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience.

groundwork (grau̇nd-ˌwərk), n. 1. preliminary preparation; that which forms a foundation or support.

Sound Groundwork is a professional project of composer, producer, performer and teacher James Roberts.  Most of my production has gone to performances and commercials. Clients include Kodak, IBM, MTV, and the Discovery Channel.  Please contact me at james (at) soundgroundwork.com regarding commercial licenses.

Everything on this site is also available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons License.  

Samples available here