SAHS Pathway Goal
The goal of SAHS Pathways is to ensure that all students are considering their post-high school goals as they plan and select courses during their four years in high school. The hope is that engaging students in goal-related conversations will make their high school education more relevant while also preparing them to make more informed post-high school decisions.

4 Career Pathways

Arts and Humanities

Health and Human Services

Industry and Engineering

Business and Communications Technologies

-  Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications

-  Education and Training

-  Government and Public Administration


-  Health Science

-  Hospitality and Tourism

-  Human Services

-   Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security


-  Ag Food & Natural Resources

-  Architecture and Construction

-  Manufacturing

-  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

-  Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

-  Business, Management and Administration

-  Finance

-  Information Technology

-  Marketing


    Milestones in the Pathway Process
    The Pathways process it outlined by grade in the graphic below.