Blackboard to Moodle Transfers

Several hundred Blackboard course sites have been successfully transferred over to Moodle, thanks to the diligence of many Moodle worker bees and the Distance Education staff. If you find that you need to pull a course out of Blackboard and recreate it in Moodle, we can help -- just make sure you allow for a few weeks for us to make the transfer.

To request a course transfer, you'll need to know the CRN and the term the course was taught. Go to this form to place your request.

We provide the following transfer options to suit your needs and preferences. 

 A. Full Content Transfer

Requires minimal instructor time commitment. Allow 2-4 weeks, depending on course content and complexity.

Instructor requests a course transfer using the Blackboard Course Site Retrieval Form.

A student intern/transfer specialist makes a best-effort transfer of course contents from Blackboard to Moodle.

Instructor performs routine course site revisions such as updating due dates to prepare for the next quarter.

 B. Course Redesign 
(Blank Site)

Requires 4-16 hours of instructor time commitment per course, depending on amount of content. 

Instructor requests an archive course retrieval using the Blackboard Course Site Retrieval Form.

Distance Education Center provides assistance in downloading a course viewing program (bFree) that allows you to view and extract course materials. We'll also offer tips and tools for building a Moodle course from scratch.

A blank site offers the most flexibility and the opportunity to take full advantage of Moodle’s enhanced functions and organizational structure.

While we are able to offer some assistance, it is important to understand that these transfers are more complex than a simple plug and play application. We are relying on each instructor to request assistance with course transfers and to attend Moodle workshops to learn how to apply current skills in this new environment.

The Moodle implementation plan has addressed our most immediate needs first. Courses transferred with direct assistance from the Distance Education Center were migrated to Moodle in phases, bringing courses over in time for you to update contents before the next offering. Courses were migrated on the following schedule:

February 1- May 31               Migrated courses for Summer and Fall 2011

June 15- September 2          Migrated courses for Winter 2011

October 3- December 10      Migrated courses for Spring 2012