Creating Bb Archives

A course archive is an exact copy of all of the contents of your course at a specific point in time. Archive files are .zip files that can be saved to your local computer or to your P:\ drive for later reference. You can archive your Blackboard course using the following instructions. 

  1. From the Control Panel of your Bb course site, select Archive Course.
  2. Click on Archive to begin the archive process. 
  3. Click Submit. You will see the message: "This action has been successfully queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete." 
  4. Click OK. It may take a few minutes to create the archive file. You need not wait to receive an email though. If the link to the archive file does not display after you click OK, check back in a few minutes. You can always come back to download the file by clicking Control Panel> Archive Course. 
  5. Once you have saved the archive file to your own computer or P:\ drive, please remove the archive copy from the Blackboard Export/Archive Manager Page by clicking Remove and OK.
Blackboard archives contain folders and files that you likely cannot read if you try to open without any software. To view an archive file after June 30, 2011, please use bFree or contact the Distance Education Center.