Moodle Upgrade FAQ's

Moodle Upgrade Complete!

Moodle 2.5
SOU upgraded from Moodle 2.4 to Moodle 2.5 at the end of December 2013. The vast majority of the functions work just the way they did in the older versions. Moodle 2.5 has new and enhanced features that make our teaching and learning more efficient and effective. We hope that you are as excited as we are about what we can do in the new Moodle.

You may be wondering.....

What's cool?
For all users, one of the nice features in Moodle is the ability to customize your My page settings to reflect just the courses you'd like to see in your course list. Students, these instructions will show you how to set this up. Instructions for faculty can be found here. Information for what's new for faculty is available from this link.

What happened to Moodle's Spellchecker?
In order to allow auto spellchecking while you type, Moodle's embedded spellchecker has been disabled. In most cases, your browser's spellchecking tool should pick up the slack. If you need to activate spellchecker in your browser, these instructions will help.

When can faculty get training for Moodle 2?
Sessions for what's new in Moodle 2 as well as introductory training for new users are held periodically. Sessions are added sporadically, so check back for more opportunities to learn about Moodle. See the training calendar posted here. We are happy to work with departments or individuals one-on-one, so contact us at to set  up a Moodling date.