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For this project, you will embrace, employ, and/or comment on digital photography’s fictitious disposition by creating an alternative reality.  The key to this project is the combination of images through photomontage.  This combination may be small, overarching, seamless, or overt but it must be effective and serve a purpose.

Step 1: Photograph, scan, or download at least FOUR images to combine.  If downloading, consider copyright and attribute your sources.

Step 2: Construct an alternative reality using all FOUR images.

Step 3: Save both your original Photoshop File and use “Save for the Web” to create a jpeg to upload to your blog.

Not sure where to start?  Techniques to consider: Selections, masks, layer adjustments, blending modes, and smart objects. 

Selections, masks, removing model from background:

Masks, composites, adding shadows:

Photomontage: History/Influences

Cole Rise, endless, rain storm in Wyoming

Sources for royalty-free (non-copyrighted) images