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Guerrilla Storytime!

posted Feb 23, 2014, 5:27 PM by Anne Clark   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 4:30 PM by Anne Clark ]
Hi everyone, if you took some notes during the lunch Guerrilla Storytime on things that are not yet listed here, please email them to me ( and I'll add them here. I was still eating during this session and didn't have a chance to take notes! Thanks! 

During lunch we held Michigan's first Guerrilla Storytime session! If you are/were unfamiliar with GS, please check out the Storytime Underground site for an in-depth explanation of what it is and how it was developed. 

The Train Song
Pretend to be a train and move faster as each type of food is added: 
Mushroom, mushroom. Mushroom, mushroom. 
Cheese and crackers, cheese and crackers, cheese and crackers, cheese and crackers. 
Chicken fricassee, Chicken fricassee, Chicken fricassee, Chicken fricassee.
Soup! Soup! Soup! Soup! (say like "toot toot")  

Q: How do you get parents to stop talking to each other and participate? 
A: Make everyone get up and sing "Tooty Ta" 

Parachute Activities:
-Wheels on the Bus
-Row, Row, Row Your Boat
-The Grand Old Duke of York
-Let's Go Riding on an Elevator (have kids sit on the floor under parachute, and caregivers raise the chute to first floor/second floor/third floor DOWN and snap the chute down on top of the kids' heads)
If you don't have a parachute, sub in a queen sheet. This is also a good thing to tell the parents so they can do favorite activities at home with a sheet or even a beach towel. 

Stretchy Band Activities: 
-Ring Around the Rosie
-London Bridge is Falling Down
Stretchy band source: West Music

Shaker songs: 

Animal shakers source: Little Hands Music

Scarves activities: 
-Pretend they are popcorn kernels

Also, this was not an official part of GS but shortly after that I spotted Miss Anne from Holland teaching a Pete the Cat rap so I begged her to get it videotaped so we could share it further out. As credited on the video, it's originally by Trish MacGregor at Stratford Public Library, Stratford, Ontario.