Biology is a branch of natural science that studies living organisms from all aspects and levels. This includs study of the biochemical structure of living organisms, biogeochemical cycles of elements in nature, biochemical processes inside living organisms i.e. energy production and conversion and cell division, flow of genetic information, growth of animals and plants, animal behaviour, and  ecological studies i.e., pollution and eutropication of surface waters. Biology also includes research in applied biotechnology, like production of bioenergy (bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas), Bioremediation, and control of pests and diseases biologically.

The department of biology was established in 2009. In 2011 the first batch of students were accepted. At present  the department has more than 110 students distributed on first, second and third years. The education process is run by seven PhDs, twelve MSc, and three laboratory assistants.


The department of biology, like other departments of the faculty of science and engineering, is continuously growing by accepting qualified applicants to join the department from all countries.


Department of Biology

Tel: +964 66 25 86 682