Sociology department

      Established in 2012, the sociology department is a part of the faculty of Arts, at Soran University. The formation of the department of sociology results from the continuously progression of the University, with the purpose of filling an existing gap in the field of social sciences.The department has prepared an exclusive and intensive program, under the supervision of  the presidency of Soran University and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, that was put into practice after its acceptance by the previously mentioned scientific institutions. The Sociology program is bilingual, which means that lectures are done, and that students learn, both in Kurdish and in English. In 2012-2013 the department has started its activity, presently having students at the first, second and third stages. 

Main aims of the department of Sociology

Short-term aims

In the short term, the department of sociology aims to provide its students with a high quality education. Introducing them to the potential of sociology as a social science that promotes knowledge that can be used for the sustainable development of society and to help solving social problems. In this sense the department intends to increase its quality, gradually, to a global standard.

Middle-term aims

In the four years of the course, and after graduation, the students will have experience in and/or ability to:

FirstScientific knowledge;.

Second: English language;.

Third: Design, implement, develop and analyse the data from research on culture, community and social problems:,

Fourth: Create recommendations for Governmental Organisations, Non-Governmental, regional organisations and other types of organisations, engaged with promoting social sustainability and  development, solving social problems and working with communities, among other issues

Long-term aims

    Graduate students will be able to think sociologically, after a 4 years scientific education, and will be experienced in sociological theory, methodology and practice. Soran University and, in particularly,  the department of sociology, have a 10 years plan to increase the visibility of sociology, as a social science that can have an impact on people's lives. Sociologists have the ability to create, promote, and change existing ideas in society, and to understand and create solutions for social problems, providing scientific tools to deal with obstacles that might prevent a democratic and sustainable development of society, namely Kurdish society. Sociology can help individuals to make informed decisions and, hence, to help decisions makers to stimulate progress at a regional, national and international level, opening Kurdistan to the world. Simultaneously  helping to promote Kurdistan as a modern and progressive society, and as a society rich in history and culture, that with its hospitality and resilience has also many things to show and to give to the world.