The meaning and importance of history:

History is a great and useful science, it is the science of the sciences, there is not any important information without it is own history, for instance the history of nature, medical, economic, arts, language, military, athletics, chemistry and history of physics, …etc. but the most imortant among them is the life history which includes all sciences, everyday events and social exchange. The historic lessons are huge for any one who wants it, and the real immortality is history.

430 years ago the great  kurdish historian SHARAFKHANI BADLISI wrote about history in the beginnings of ((SHARAFNAMA)) and says: ((for those who are very conscious, smart and open-minded with all writers,  scientists and every one who knows about historical events history is above all the other arts)).

The most important duty of history is determining human beings events all together or separately , according to a level or a part of a level, in spite of indicating a moveable power and its features then evaluating the exchanges that happened to it, with explaining the lessons according to their levels.

-The goals of history department:

The goal of our department is a scientific and national effort to  bring about a generation with a scientific certificate and a historical background in an academic way in order to have a historical and philosophical point of view to all historical events applying the historical methods.

Thus we can have a generation who will respect his land and history and will protect the civilization of his land. And to evaluate the historical events with its good and bad incidents and to get benefit from them.

-The prolong future of history department:

- taking care of bringing forward the studying programs and exchanging information with the other universities in Kurdistan and universal universities to renew the programs of studying.

- taking care of having scientific conferences.

- taking care of ancient history and opening archeology department

- taking care of writing scientific researches by the instructors of the department

- taking care more of seminars by instructors and students

- building a good library for history department

- opening  PhD  studying

- more efforts to send our instructors abroad for studying PhD

- publishing a historic circularize


_ the history of opening the history department:

Our department has been opened as a scientific part for the first time in 2009-2010, Mr. (Abdul Xaliq Abdulla Othman)was indicated  as a head of our department. But now (Dr. Amanj Ahmed Dlzar) is the head of history department