Geography Department

   As a department in the Faculty of Arts – the University of Soran, the beginnings of the geography department was related to the establishment of the department of social sciences in College of Basic Education in 2004 which was one of the University of Salahaddin's colleges.  Since the University of Salahaddin was established in 2008 the department was splitted to two branches; Geography and History. In 2010, geography was announced as an independent department in the Faculty of Arts in Soran University.  Now, the staff of the department is consisted of many lecturers who are efficient researchers. Moreover, the department has been benefiting from the experience of many professors from the other universities inside the country and from European countries.  The department welcomes, annually, the students who wish to get bachelor degree in geography. 


The objectives of the department:

  The policy of the department is to enrich its students with the most modern knowledge and to prepare them to be efficient researchers.  This is through a very rich and balanced program; containing courses in physical geography, cultural geography, and the technical courses as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing.  The program helps students to learn how to deal with the geographical and environmental issues and cases with a geographical mind and geographical means.  

 The department tries to develop the capabilities of students through its activities such as the scientific trips and helping them to obtain the means they need in their researches and projects.  Furthermore, the department helps its students to find the links of obtaining the information and data they need in their researches.  


The study system of the department:

   The annual system is followed by the department as the system of study.  Students enroll in 8 courses each year with the exception in the first year which more credit hours are allocated for the course of English Language to prepare the students for their next years of study because the policy of the University of Soran which confirms on English language as the academic language.  The courses are distributed to different subjects in physical geography, cultural geography, and technical courses such as GIS. The department tries, annually; to update the courses to fit with better understanding the future and the fields of work that graduated students will be interested to work in