Arabic department

The Arabic department is dedicated to the study of the Arabic language and culture by offering courses in history, language, and literature. Students are exposed to an intense program of Arabic classes throughout their studies focusing on Arabic literature, poetry and linguistics. The department was established in 2004 and today it accepts about 230 students yearly offering BA and MA degrees taught by its 25 faculty members.

 The Arabic Department

Postgraduate Master's and Doctoral Degree Programmes

The Arabic department wishes to expand its current courses by developing additional postgraduate Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes in addition to its BA degree courses.  Two Master’s degree programmes which specialise in Literature and Linguistics are currently being taught.  The Master’s degree in Linguistics was opened by the Arabic department in 2012, and then the Literature course in 2013.  The department has plans to open additional Masters and PhD courses in the near future.

Many of the students in the Department of Arabic have received scholarships provided by the government, and have been sent to pursue their Masters and their Doctoral degree studies.