Here's a video showing how our students are using the SCPS Cloud...


What is the SCPS Cloud?
The SCPS Cloud is Sonning Common Primary School's virtual learning environment (VLE). Powered by Google Apps, it allows students to have their own email address and to create their own websites and online documents.

Can I have an SCPC Cloud login of my own?
Only teachers, governors and students at Sonning Common Primary School are given SCPS Cloud login details. Parents of students may be issued with login details in the future.

Is the SCPS Cloud safe for young people to use?
Yes - very safe. There are a number of e-safety features in place to ensure that students are protected whilst using the SCPS Cloud. For instance, students can only send emails to and receive emails from other SCPS Cloud users.

How was the SCPS Cloud made?
It was created using the Google Apps Education service for schools, which is free to sign up for. It took around 20 hours to develop initially.

Who can I contact in regards to the SCPS Cloud?
Matt Lovegrove -
Mark Allen (VLE Advisor) -