There is no need to start from the very beginning and to make expensive mistakes many people already did before. We provide consultancy for every PV project where ever it is located. With the experience in 17 countries on four continents you can be sure to get the right advice.

Feasibility study

Starting a project starts with a feasibility study. Scoping all available informations, creating initial drafts of the plant and pre-selecting the key components have to be done. Calculations of production and losses and the documentation of uncertainties are part of this studies.


Based on different software tools and detailed information about the regional climate the simulation will bring the most accurate forecast, which is possible. Using GIS and special simulation software makes sure that the investment will bring the estimated outcome.

Due Diligence

We support you with a completely independent evaluation of the technical project risks, detailed solar resource assessment and contractual review. The procedure of the due diligence process may depend on the stage of the project. The report will cover a full technical spectrum of all different aspects in your PV project and provide you with a complete picture of the project's status and quality.