The right time is now to think about photovoltaic solutions for your needs. Millions of people have the demand for affordable and sustainable electricity- and photovoltaic can be one solution.

With our expierience for many years in the international PV sector we can offer consultancy and advising for PV solutions from small solar-home-systems, island solutions up to utility scale PV plants.
Seven years expierience in product and project development, more than 100 MWp supervision and consultancy, wide range of technology knowledge and concepts for customized solutions will bring your plan to reality.

Competent services for your PV/solar energy project - consultancy, feasibility study, measurements, simulation and animation, environmental impact assessment, energy production forecast, tendering, due-diligence and permitting - we will be your partner beginning from site identification up to turnkey operation.

Our international network of high skilled experts and consultants works independent using the state of the art software and knowledge bases to provide the best available solution - wherever you need it.