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When you put your home on the market you hope for the best price and a contract as soon as possible.  Getting the best price and quick turnaround often means investing some time and money to get your home in the best shape possible to compete in the marketplace.  First and foremost, put your home in the best condition possible particularly in a "buyer's" market! 


Clean home thoroughly including dust all walls and ceiling getting rid of cobwebs and dust.

Wash all windows inside and out.

Trim bushes so they don't block windows and cut down on light.

Buy a new doormat.

Put a pot of bright flowers (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.

Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door.

Put new doorknobs on your front door.

Put a fresh coating on your driveway.

Keep your garden tools out of sight.

Be sure kids put away their bikes and toys.

Buy a new mailbox.

Upgrade your outside lighting.

Polish or replace your house numbers.

Clean your gutters.

Keep lawn mowed and flower beds weeded.

Edge the grass around walks and trees.

Be sure doorbell works.

Make sure garage door openers work and that garage door has safety stop.

Put out potpourri or burn scented candles.

Buy new pillows for the sofa.

Buy a flowering plant and put in a window you pass by frequently.

Make a centerpiece for your table with fruit or artificial flowers.

Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones that let in more light.

Buy new decorative towels.

Put a seasonal wreath on your door.

Professionally clean carpet to remove stains, freshen the color and minimize wear and tear

Arrange furniture to attract buyers to traffic flow, and architectural features such as windows and fireplaces.

Remove excess furniture and knick-knacks to visually increase the size of the rooms.

Use accessories and paint to draw eye to moldings and trims.

Remove half of clothing and all storage boxes from closets to give the impression of more space. Store items off-site, not in attic or garage.

Use small decorating touches to add to the attractiveness of the house such as fresh flowers, beautiful table settings and turned-down beds. Check out decorating magazines for inspiration. Note that professional  photos are free of clutter such as clothes and toys, and personal items such as photographs.

Add a brightly colored area rug to define conversation areas and freshen rooms.

The following items are major investments but there will be a pay-off if your home needs any of this work. Remember it is a buyer's market and today's buyer wants a home that they can move into with little or no renovation. If your home is competing with new construction it is doubly important to have your home in pristine condition.

Invest in new carpet, paint and flooring if needed.  do not re-hang pictures and other decorative objects.

Paint baseboards and door frames.

Replace missing shingles and tack down any loose flashing.

Replace broken or cracked windows.  Also replace windows and French doors with broken seals on double pane glass.

Reseal deck and replace any broken or warped boards.


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