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If you are a licensed real estate agent with at least one year of experience, you can earn 100% Commission or select our 80/20 plan.  

Sandy Moyed, a Realtor and Broker with over 30 years experience is now hiring professional agents.

If you want to earn more there are two realistic ways to do so. Increase the number of transactions you do every year or reduce your overhead. If you are paying your current Broker $10,000 to $20,000 per year, you need to reduce your overhead.

As your new Broker I will be accessible to answer any questions you may have concerning farming, marketing, contracts, sales, compliance, ethics, etc. My 30+ years experience in the real estate industry will help you further your career and put more money in your pocket.

You can work from your own home, hire your own team and market your own name. 

Most of my current agents have been averaging three or more transactions per month. Others prefer part-time work with five or six transactions a year. You determine your own level of production. There are no minimum requirements.

If most of your business comes from personal referrals and personal marketing you deserve to earn more money.

Call me NOW to discuss how you can make your career more interesting and more profitable..

For more information call Sandy Moyed at (469) 235-3101 or e-mail