Track & Field

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Venue Information

Toomey Field - All Events (Click here for Google map)
Howard Field - Team Seating Area and Track & Field Staging (Click here for Google map)

SONC Staff - Matt Cohen

Official Events & Sports Rules

  1. 2018 Special Olympics Northern California Track and Field Rules & Guidelines
  2. Official Special Olympics Summer Sport Rules
  3. United States of America Track & Field (USATF)
Head Coaches Meetings

Friday, June 22nd, 5:15 PM in Ryerson Hall (Segundo).

Miscellaneous Information

• Report all scratches at Friday night’s coaches’ meeting.
• Athletes will only be allowed to compete in appropriate attire: running shorts, t-shirt or singlet, and running shoes. No exceptions.
• Using spikes is OK for all events, but the spikes must be ¼ inch or below in length or of the “pinpoint” variety (no spikes allowed in the shot put ring)
• Relay teams must wear matching uniforms (including undershirts).
• Check-in for events (at either field event or running event check-in) 30 minutes prior to scheduled competition time.
• If an athlete is scheduled for a running & field event at the same time, he/she should report to the running event first and turn in a conflict card at the field event staging tent.
• Teams should bring their own TurboJavs and Shot Puts to use in Competition.  They will be returned at the conclusion of those events.
• Final schedules will be handed out at Friday night’s coaches’ meeting.
• There have been major changes to the available seating for teams and spectators.  Please make sure to view the Venue Diagram below as well as the Coaches Notes for more information.
• Teams are encouraged to bring their own chairs, blankets and tents to set-up in the Team Seating Area marked on the venue diagram. 
 Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs & umbrellas (shade) to set-up in the Spectator Seating Area (old west bleachers) marked on the venue diagram

Track & Field Schedule of Events

Saturday, June 23rd
Volunteer Check-in:         6:45am
Athlete Check-in:              7:15am
Competition:                      7:30am-3:00pm
Lunch:                                   11:30am-1:00pm

Sunday, June 24th
Volunteer Check-in:         6:45am
Athlete Check-in:              7:15am
Competition:                      7:30am-2:15pm
Lunch:                                   11:30am-1:00pm
Track & Field Tentative Schedule - Saturday, June 23rd

7:30Shot PutM12-2116-22
7:30800 M WalkAllAll1-5
8:00Softball ThrowF12-291-6
8:00100 M RunF12-211-8
8:30100 M RunF22+9-18
8:45Shot PutM30+30-38
8:45Tennis Ball ThrowAllAll1-3
8:45Softball ThrowF30+7-13
9:15100 M Run PentathlonAllAll1-5
9:15100 M RunM8-1519-20
9:15Softball ThrowMAll14-22
9:30100 M RunM16-2121-25
9:45Shot PutF16-291-9
10:00100 M RunM22-2926-34
10:45100 M RunM30+35-43
10:45Shot PutF30+10-15
11:00100 M WalkAllAll1-9
11:1525 M RunAllAll1-9
11:1525 M WalkAllAll1-3
11:1525 M Asst. WalkAllAll1
11:3025 M WC RaceAllAll1
11:45400 M RunFAll1-8
11:45Shot Put PentahlonAllAll1-5
11:45Shot PutM22-2923-29
12:30400 M RunM12-299-19
12:45Standing LJAllAll1-8
12:45400 M RunM30+20-24
12:45400 M Run PentathlonAllAll1-5
1:00400 M WalkFAll1-7
1:15400 M WalkMAll8-12

Track & Field Tentative Schedule - Sunday, June 24th

7:301500 M WalkAllAll1-5
7:30High Jump PentahlonAllAll1-5
7:30High JumpAllAll1
7:30Running LJM12-159
7:30Running LJM30+22-26
8:001500 M RunAllAll1-9
8:00Running LJM16-2110-14
8:30200 M RunF12-291-9
8:45200 M RunF30+10-14
8:45Running LJ PentathlonAllAll1-5
8:45Running LJM22-2915-21
9:15200 M RunM8-2115-22
9:45Turbo JavF12-291-15
10:00Turbo JavF30+16-24
10:00200 M RunM22-2923-27
10:30200 M RunM30+28-32
10:30Turbo JavM8-2125-33
11:00800 M RunAllAll1-14
11:3010 M WC RaceAllAll1
11:3050 M RunFAll1-8
11:30Turbo JavM22-2934-43
11:45Turbo JavM30+44-52
11:4550 M RunMAll9-14
12:00Running LJFAll1-8
12:0050 M WalkAllAll1-6
12:1550 M Assisted WalkAllAll1
12:454x400 Relay FinalAllAllTBD

12:454x100 Relay FinalFAllTBD
1:004x100 Relay FinalCoedAllTBD
1:154x100 Relay FinalMAllTBD
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