Emergency Procedures

Basic Emergency Procedure
During the Day & Overnight:
Medical personnel will be on duty at each competition venue during scheduled events and overnight in the dorm buildings.  Report any problems or concerns to medical personnel directly or call the main Summer Games Medical number at 530-405-9319
.  If it is an emergency, please dial 911 directly.

Medical Staffing in Dorms: 
  • Bixby - Rooms 312 & 519
  • Gilmore - Rooms 217 & 504
  • Malcolm - Room 227
  • Miller - Room 201
  • Nova - Room 302
  • Rienda - Room 302
  • Ryerson - Rooms 204
  • Thompson - Rooms 322
Other Times:
In the event that SONC medical personnel are not available, dial 911 directly from any phone.  Say: WHAT the emergency is, WHERE the emergency is, and WHO is reporting the emergency. Give a telephone number if requested. Remain on the phone until released by the officer.  ASSIST in directing emergency personnel to the site of the emergency.

In the event one of your athletes is lost or transported to the hospital, please notify SONC Administration (after calling emergency personnel) and complete an Incident Report Form.

Medical Guidelines
If an athlete becomes ill:
  • Stay with athlete
  • Send for assistance
  • Have athlete application (medical) in hand for medical personnel
  • Wait with athlete while medical personnel checks his/her condition
  • Accompany athlete if referred back to dorm unit, hospital, or rest area
  • Notify Area Director or Head of Delegation before leaving area
Some things to keep in mind:
  • Fluid Loss -- Dehydration is a danger. Stay hydrated by drinking water.
  • Medications -- Coaches should administer medications at the scheduled times.  Double check that the dosages are correct and there is sufficient medicine for the weekend.
Fire and Emergency Evacuation
Familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation procedures located in each building. Locate the exits and fire escapes.  In the event of an alarm, direct everyone out and away from the danger.  Listen to directions from appropriate emergency personnel.

Lost Athlete Procedures
If an athlete is lost:
  • Notify venue management/headquarters.
  • Be prepared to:
    • Identify yourself
    • Describe missing athlete -- Name, Age, Sex, Physical Description & Dress.  It is recommended that Coaches and/or HODs take group or individual pictures of their athletes prior to or upon arrival to Summer Games and store that photo on their mobile device or camera, to aide in the identification of a missing athlete.
    • Identify place athlete was last seen.
    • Indicate who is to be notified when athlete is found.
  • When an athlete is found:
    • Notify venue management/headquarters and they will take action to reunite the athlete with his/her delegation.
Medical personnel
Standard First Aid will be administered at the Summer Games First Aid stations by volunteers, including Air Force Corpsmen, EMT’s, Nurses, Athletic Trainers and Physicians.  The medical personnel will be wearing a blue shirt with a white cross on it.  Emergency medical care beyond first aid will be given at Sutter Davis Hospital.

Athlete Application Forms ("Medicals")
Medical Personnel will have limited copies and a set will be available at Games Headquarters during open hoursCoaches must carry a copy with them at all times.