Each class at Sommerville Special School has a therapy team which includes a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and  Speech and Language Therapist.  If required, individual students may have a Behavioural Therapist involved in the team.

We work together as a team with teachers and their class team, and with families, to identify students’ strengths and needs to enable them to be active learners. Together with teachers and families we help set individual goals and set up and support programmes to help students achieve these goals. We work across the school depending on each student's learning needs/goals - in the classroom, playground, sensory space and developmental area, the gym, kitchen/cooking, personal care and life skill tasks and out in the community - travel/work experience.

The therapy team provides relevant training to support student learning and goal achievement, can make referrals to other services/agencies when needed and assist in the student's transition out of school.