South Pacific Educational Courses Limited (SPEC)
Sommerville Special School implements SPEC programmes in both the intermediate and senior clusters. The intermediate work with 'TRUMP', whilst the senior school all work with the 'Headway' programme.
The aim of 'Headway' is to present a framework of activities through which personal, social and independent living skills can be developed and accredited. The individual modules are categorised into Life Skills, Environment, Leisure, and Vocational areas. The programmes have been developed for those learners with severe, complex. profound or multiple learning needs. 
The 'TRUMP' course has a focus on each of the five Key Competencies from the NZ curriculum.
Relating to others
Understanding language, symbols and text
Managing self
Participating and contributing 

The TRUMP course is aimed at the 13-16 year age group and has strong New Zealand Curriculum links.
There are five modules to complete. Each module has a specific focus on one Key Competency. Students can be awarded a certificate for each key competency and can also achieve a special certificate for completing all five modules. 
Find out more about the SPEC programme from the official website: