Sommerville offers functional and integrated educational programmes based on the National Curriculum with a focus on the development of the Key Comptencies.
Underpinning the classroom programmes is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student. Through the IEP process, parents, whanau and caregivers, in collaboration with the class teacher and other professionals are able to set learning goals that support the child in accessing the curriculum and developing the essential skills.

These goals identify the unique learning needs of each child and form the basis of teaching programmes that are monitored regularly and reviewed six-monthly. Parents receive information on their child’s progress throughout the year both informally and through formal reporting processes.

Goals and learning outcomes are adapted to suit the individual needs of each student and are supported by a range of therapies and specialist programmes and resources. These include:

Occupational Therapy
Speech Language Therapy
Technology Specialist
Music Therapy
Drama Therapy
M.O.V.E. – Mobility Opportunities Via Education
Riding for the Disabled
Alternative communication systems including PECS, signing, visuals
Developmental programme
Multisensory programmes
Swimming programmes
Transition programmes including SPEC and work experience
Community Experiences (Education Outside the Classroom)
Paediatric clinic and Public Health Nurse
Resource Teacher, Vision
Counselling service
Paediatric clinic and Public Health Nurse
Resource Teacher, Vision

An holistic overview is taken of each child's needs to ensure continuity and progression of learning experience throughout the day. Within the context of the whole curriculum, students are given a rich and diverse range of experiences based on their individual needs and the requirements of the national curriculum. An individual education and care plan , devised in conjunction with parents , teachers and therapists, guides and directs the care and curriculum delivery for each Child. This approach provides a seamless transdisciplanary approach to meeting the needs of our students. Therapy and assessment programmes are provided by:

Music Therapist
Speech/language Therapists
Occupational Therapists