Science Fair

Students at Somerville can choose to participate in the Science Fair. This will be run as an extension and advancement programme. Year 8 students in Channel 50 will all be undertaking a Science Fair project this year. 

A letter is going home on Monday the 20th of March 2017 and students will be registering their interest this term. By the beginning of Term 2 students should have some idea of what they would like to investigate.

It is recommended that Year 7's  do an Investigation following the Scientific Method, but if they really would like to do an Innovation/Invention then they are able to

Year 8's can choose to do either do an Investigation or an Innovation/Invention following the Technological/Engineering process.

Now is the time that you need to start thinking about your topic and/or question. You can get ideas from TV programmes, magazines, the radio, newspapers, professional people/scientists you know, people in the scientific industry that you know.

One of the best websites out there to help you choose a topic is Science Buddies. Just google it and you can take the quiz to find out what interests you

If you have any ideas and want to find out if they would be ok to pursue as a Science Fair Project either talk to Mrs. Duffield, Mrs Dowman or Mr. Pillay.