Somerset Music Staff, from left to right:
                (Photo taken at district staff meeting when we showed up in matching colors - NOT planned!)

Mrs. Dawn Tunison (5-6 beginning bands, 5th general music)
Mrs. Rachel Erickson (5-6 choir, 7th gen. music, plus 4K-K music), 
Mrs. Jaimie Palbicki (7-12 vocal music, 6th gen. music) 
Mrs. Jenny Winkel (1-4 general music)
Mr. Eric Possehl (7-12 instrumental music, 6th gen. music) 

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about the classes that we teach.

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5th graders have band on Monday & Wednesday, and choir on Tuesday & Thursday.  
6th graders have choir on Monday & Wednesday, and band on Tuesday & Thursday.
7th-8th band meets on Monday & Wednesday.
The 7th-8th choir is divided into Monday & Wednesday, and Tuesday & Thursday groups.  Band members who are in choir will be in the Tuesday & Thursday group.
We trade off on Fridays, please see the schedule below.

Tri. 1 Fridays 5th
6th grade 7-8 Band 7-8 Choir
 Aug. 31 choirband   
 Sept. 7 band choir Band Treble
14 choir bandLessons Changing 
 21 band choir Band Treble
 28 teacherin-servicenoschool
 Oct. 5 choirband  Lessons  Changing 
 12 bandchoir Band Treble 
 19 choir band Lessons  Changing 
 26 teacherin-serviceno school
 Nov. 2 bandchoir  BandTreble 
 9 choir band Lessons  Changing 
 16 bandchoir  Band Treble 

At times, special events or snow days may mean a change in the planned rotation.  Please check back for updates.