Our full website is under construction. If you are new to The Fitness Lab and looking for more information, please visit our Facebook page to learn more about us, or feel free to email or call any time! phone: (206) 783-0138 email: dillon@thefitnesslab.biz.


Join a Community. Not a Gym.
Say goodbye to your boring, old routine. Say hello to your new playground. Say goodbye to endless cardio. Say hello to fun and exciting workouts. Say goodbye to your muffin top. Say hello to your inner sexy beast.

Personal Training Individuals & Couples
We offer private training session for individuals and couples. We create training programs that get results, improve your fitness, improve your health and improve your life.

Group Classes Monday - Saturday
Spice up your workouts by joining our classes. There is strength in numbers and you'll have so much fun during the workout, you'll forget you're burning calories.

Challenges Fitness + Nutrition = Results
In a rut? Jumpstart your fitness with a personalized 14 or 30-day challenge. Does competition get your juices flowing? Take action and join one of our fitness or weight loss challenges offered throughout the year.

30 Day Trial

We invite those new to our studio to join us for 30 days and try out all of our services which includes:
  • 2 Success Consultations
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions
  • 4 Small Group Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Group Classes
How it works
After you sign up for our 30 Day Trial, you will be contacted via email or phone to set up your first success consultation and personal training session. During your Success Consultation, we discuss your goals and plan the best program for you. Your program will include everything you need for success which will include a fitness program and any nutritional guidance that you may need.
Your personal training session will include a basic assessment of your fitness, cardio and strength. After your first Success Consultation and Personal Training session have been completed, we will schedule your next personal training sessions, small group training sessions and group classes

Our 30 Day Trial is $59. Sign up online here or email us for more information: dillon@thefitnesslab.biz

Membership Pricing

30 Day Trial: $59

Unlimited Classes
Premium Membership: $149/month for 1 year
Monthly Membership: $189/monthly

Premium Couples Membership: $289/month for 1 year
Monthly Couples Membership: $339/monthly

Class Packages
Busy Bees: 5 classes/month $89/month for 1 year
Busy Bees: 5 classes/month $119/monthly

Drop-in for any class for $25

Class Schedule

Contact Us

Phone: (206) 783-0138

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