Herd Management

Livestock herd management solutions from Trimble® combine livestock-specific software and handheld computers to track your herd so you can ensure traceability. The more you know about your herd, the more you can increase your farm's profitability.

Solution Overview

Trimble's livestock herd management solutions include:

Livestock Records
Farm Works Stock software and Stock Mobile allows you to maintain detailed records and histories about your entire herd down to the individual animal.

Enter detailed records on services, vaccinations, births, weans, by-products, and more. You can also quickly monitor calendar events and display bloodlines on the go.

Animal/Herd Reporting
With Farm Works Stock software, you can generate and print custom reports, such as wean weights, mother performance, feed conversions, and vaccinations by animal or group. You can also display pedigree information.

Stock Mobile is compliant with and supports YTex and I.D.ology tag readers (RFID and EID) in order to easily trace animal records. Tag readers allow quicker data entry by automatically selecting animals when tags are scanned.