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Enhance your harvesting productivity with the fully-integrated harvest solution from Trimble® that utilizes our proven technologies for all your harvesting needs. From in-field guidance to yield monitoring and analysis, the Trimble Harvest Solution can help you yield a better future.

Solution Overview

Harvest solutions from Trimble include:

In-Field Guidance
Start by adding a Trimble steering system , such as Autopilot™, EZ-Pilot™, or EZ-Steer®, to enable hands-free guidance of your combine-helping you extend your operating hours and reduce fatigue.

For row crop farmers, the Trimble
RG-100 row guidance system allows you to center the combine on rows-even when they are not straight-to help reduce header loss.

You can even wirelessly share guidance lines and coverage maps between vehicles to enhance your harvesting operations and improve route management between combines and grain carts.

Yield Monitoring
During harvest, monitor and record the yield and moisture data of your grain crops using optical sensors to determine high-and low-performance areas. Compare the yield of different seed varieties and track your load in real time.

The Trimble
Yield Monitoring system also has the added benefit of automatically adjusting the cut width when traveling over odd shaped fields, point rows, or other previously harvested areas to provide the most accurate yield calculations.

Crop Performance Analysis
Wirelessly transfer your yield data from the combine to the office for in-office analysis of crop performance. Using Farm Works Software, you can view and print your yield maps, identify problem areas, determine the best seed variety, compare actual data to load tickets, and create prescription maps or water management plans for optimizing your yield the following year—ultimately helping you increase your crop yield.