About Us

Coming from an Environmental / Farm Equipment background gave us a unique perspective in the importance of the adoption of technology that would permit the precise placement of agricultural inputs in a repeatable manner. While we were most certainly interested in the economic payback of minimizing overlap in the fields for our customers, what really struck a chord with us were the environmental benefits of using automated steering!

Over application of crop inputs that cannot be utilized by the plants and soil are eventually leached into the surface and groundwater. We are so proud to work with farmers who share the same environmental stewardship ethics as we do here at Halltech! Through the adoption of our entire line of Precision Ag Products, we play a tremendous roll in increasing yields on fewer acres to meet the growing demand for food worldwide and at the same time reduce the impacts of intensive farming on our surrounding environments.

By leveraging our unparalleled level of experience and expertise with our friendly, knowledgeable and attentive staff and associates, we are very confident that your profit per acre will increase and you can feel very proud that you have done your part in ensuring a sustainable legacy for your children and grandchildren on the farm!

If you share this moral obligation to our future generations and wish to learn more on how a partnership with Halltech Precision we'll help you achieve this objective, we would love to hear from you!

Your Partners in Precision,

The Halltech Precision Agriculture Team