No matter the complexity of the requirement or the capabilities of your organization, Halltech is able to provide value added service to insure your investment in our product offering is sound.  

System configuration is a daunting task to some.  Let Halltech configure your hardware and software for performance optimization.

The right field mapping application can save hours in post-processing and data management.  Let Halltech help you to develop your field mapping application and tailor it to your specific needs. 

Halltech encourages its customers to be truly competent in using and understanding the hardware and software provided.  Training sessions are available for individuals or groups.


Mobile optimization and fleet deployment will often require appropriate vehicle Mounting Systems in order to safely secure computing hardware such as a Rugged Tablet PC or Rugged Handheld PDA.  Let Halltech help your organization to select and install the appropriate vehicle mounting systems.  


A readily available, pre-configured Mapping and GIS solution can save hours of your precious time.  Let Halltech help your organization to meet the dead line in a fast and efficient manner.

Contract GIS Services

Don't have the expertise or software? Contact us for assistance with any of your projects regarding GIS.