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VisionLidar allows you to automatically classify points in scanned images from LiDAR X300 Laser Scanner according to buildings, vegetation and natural terrain. 
It filters and segments point clouds to 128 configurable layers as simply as with a CAD. It is possible to work VisionLiDAR processed points directly into CAD 2D or 3D drawing.




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Digital Terrain Model Features
  • Chains creation using any given survey standards
  • DTM creation
  • Point selection by cross section
  • Contour lines, volumes, profiles, and sections
Creates Geometries From Point Clouds
  • Automatically detects planes
  • Detects and positions cylinders, pavement lines, and sidewalks.
Export Your Vectorized Data To CAD Format
  • Vectorizes your point cloud in 2D and 3D
  • DXF and CSV formats
A powerful Viewer
  • Allows viewing by cross section
  • Represents your points by normal, color, intensity, elevation,
  • class, or as the original file
Fusion of Different Point Cloud
  • Merges several LiDAR files together using least squares transformation

Types of VisionLiDAR software -

Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Standard V.27
Perpetual License:
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Standard Commercial New Standalone ELD License VLIDARSPLS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Standard Commercial New Network ELD License VLIDARSPLN

Maintenance Plan (Perpetual License)
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Standard Commercial Standalone License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARSMPS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Standard Commercial Network License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARSMPN

Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Premium V.27
Perpetual License:
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Premium Commercial New Standalone ELD License VLIDARPPLS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Premium Commercial New Network ELD License VLIDARPPLN

Maintenance Plan (Perpetual License)
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Premium Commercial Standalone License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARPMPS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Premium Commercial Network License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARPMPN

Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Ultimate V.27
Perpetual License:
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Ultimate Commercial New Standalone ELD License VLIDARUPLS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Ultimate Commercial New Network ELD License VLIDARUPLN

Maintenance Plan (Perpetual License)
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Ultimate Commercial Standalone License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARUMPS
 Geo-Plus - VisionLIDAR Ultimate Commercial Network License Maintenance Plan (1 year) VLIDARUMPN

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