Virginia SOL Resources: Fifth Grade Math
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SOLTeacher provides teacher worksheets, technology, and activities that correlate to Virginia Standards of Learning: SOL.

SOL 5.1
Rounding Decimals
SOL 5.2a
Fraction Name and Decimal Form 
SOL 5.2b
Comparing and Ordering Fractions 
SOL 5.3a
Prime and Composite Numbers 
SOL 5.3b
Even and Odd Characteristics
SOL 5.4
Number Problems 

SOL 5.5a-b
Decimal Problems 

SOL 5.6
Fraction Problems 

SOL 5.7
Order of Operations 
SOL 5.8 a-b
Perimeter, Area, Volume 
 SOL 5.8c
Metric System
 SOL 5.8d
Customary Units
(in. ft. yd)

 SOL 5.8e
Units of 
Measurement Mixed 
 SOL 5.9
 SOL 5.10
Elapsed Time

 SOL 5.11

 SOL 5.12a

Classify Angles

 SOL 5.12b
Classify Triangles
 SOL 5.13a-b
Plane Figures 
 SOL 5.14

SOL 5.15
Plots and Graphs 
 SOL 5.16 a-d
Mean, Median, Mode, Range

 SOL 5.17
Relationship in Patterns 
 SOL 5.18a-d
 SOL 5.19
Distributive Property 
Released Practice
MaloneyVDOE Release Test 
 Math Tutorials

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Math Live

A Collection of Teacher Resources for Fifth Grade Science: Teacher Worksheets, Word Wall Cards, Power Points, and linked games that will enhance and help others meet the Virginia Standards of Learning. All categories are broken down according to their SOL number for 5th grade Science.