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Introduction to Architecture/Construction/Engineering (ITACE)

The best way to learn about what Introduction to Woods has to offer is to read the class syllabus:

Project resources are available here - great for studying for assessments!

Lumber Sizing  : Nominal vs. Actual Lumber Sizes

Lumber Sizing 2  : Actual Lumber Sizes

Woods Projects - Photos : Examples of personal projects to choose from

Tape Measure - Inch : Visual of 1" Tape Measure in 1/16" Increments

Fire Extinguisher P.A.S.S. : Acronym for Fire Extinguisher Use

M.S.D.S. Example : Rustoleum Glass Black Spray Paint

OHSA Hazards for Kids : Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Kid Safety

Permission Slip - As Needed : I will let you know when this is needed for possible field trips.