Google Apps Portal

The purpose of this site is to provide SCSD employees and students with the necessary resources to use the Google Apps suite to its fullest potential.

Commonly accessed sites:

11/7/2013 Update: "Help! I can't find the black bar to access Google Docs" video was added to the Docs page. 
9/13/2013 Update: Google Spreadsheets videos added to "Training Videos" page.  This is geared towards Lakeview teachers as part of 9/2013 training. 
3/27/2013 Update:  "Ask the Gooro" added this home page. 
11/22/2011 Update:
An email was sent out today to all staff describing the upcoming changes to the look of Google Apps (Docs, Sites, Calendar, etc.)
11/16/2011 Update:
Google Docs and other Google Apps have a new look.  Additional information about these changes is available here.
11/4/2011 Update: All 9-12 students can now email anyone with an "" address. 
9/12/2011 Update:
Learn about the 2011-12 SCSD Google Apps Certification, including videos!
9/12/2011 Update:
Google Docs now has a "comment only" access feature - possibilities for student collaboration. 
7/14/2011 Update:
Google has released significant updates to the Google Docs Help Site.
3/23/2011 Update:
Google Sites Tutorials have been added.  (Thanks Angela!)
3/16/2011 Update:
The training page has been updated with new learning opportunities.
2/14/2011 Update
: Additional training sessions for student google accounts and staff docs/sites/calendar use are now posted on the Training page.
2/1/2011 Update: Google recently update the Google Docs interface. More information on this change can be found at the Google Docs blog
12/17/2010 Update:
 Staff Email Transition instructions are now posted.  

The SCSD Google Apps login page is here.  

SCSD Google Apps Login Demo

SCSD Google Apps initial training