Science 8 meets every day for 50 minutes. Students will use the inquiry process to study earth science and history concepts during the first semester  and life science concepts during the second semester. The links to the left provide further information about the course as well as class activities and assignments. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns throughout the school year.

Reassessment Procedures

Students are able to reassess and improve their scores on learning targets throughout the quarter. To do this, students need to first revise the quizzes and classwork related to the learning target so to show their improved understanding. This needs to be handed in to me so I am able to review it. I will then pass this work back to students either with feedback on what they need to do to further improve their understanding or asking them to let me know their plan to reassess. Students may reassess in Academic Roundtable before school or in my classroom after school, but I need 24 hours notice in order to have the proper materials ready. Students may also reassess during their study hall time during the school day if they let me know their plan ahead of time.

Francesca Kaiser
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