When you are done taking notes, group them into categories by putting the notes on top of each other. If you ever want to ungroup them, click on the + mark in the upper right hand corner. You are able to then just drag them around.
2. When you are done grouping, click on PRINT. You can leave all 4 options checked.
3. Another window will open with the list view of your notes.
4. If you think you would like to have a hard copy, print it out now.


5. In your web browser, click on Edit > Select All (or manually highlight all of the text on your document.)
Copy using Command / c  or Edit > Copy.

6. Go to your Google Drive. Create a new document.
Name the document: P1_firstname_lastname   (just like you named your project)
Share the document with kkaldenberg@solon.k12.ia.us and with tkerkove@solon.k12.ia.us

7. Paste the text into a new Google Document.

You can use this document to start your script. If you have done all your paraphrasing in advance, you will just need to move text around and work on transitions between topics.

OPTIONAL: If you prefer to have a "clean" document to do your writing, that is fine. Just be sure to share it with Mrs Kaldenberg and Mr Kerkove.
Name the document: P1_firstname_lastname_nonotes

Organize your script into these three sections:

Introduction - Make it pop! Get the attention of your audience

Body - Answer your question and use the information from those great resources you have found!

Conclusion - Wrap it up with a memorable ending.

Remember, you will be reading this, so pay attention to how it flows. It might even help to read it aloud as you are writing.