Pronouncing Dictionary of Author's Names

This dictionary is the collaborative work of the members of the LM_NET library listserv.

Authors are presented in alphabetical order, with an example of their work for extra identification. If you wish to submit corrections, or requests for a name you don't see listed, please send email to: Gayle Hodur at this address:

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Agee, Jon (author of The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau)
        Pronounced John AGE-ee, first syllable rhymes with "cage"

Alphin, Elaine Marie (author of A Bear for Miguel)
        Pronounced AL-fin

Archambault, John (author of Knots on a Counting Rope)
        Pronounced ARTCH-am-ballt

Avi (author of True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle)
        Pronounced AH-vee (his full name is Edward Wortis, but he uses only the nickname)

Aylesworth, Jim (author of Old Black Fly)
        Pronounced AL'S-worth, first syllable rhymes with "pal"

Barrett, Joyce Durham (author of Willie's Not the Hugging Kind)
        Pronounced BARE-it (and the middle name is DURE-am, like the N. Carolina city)

Bauer, Caroline Feller (author of Read for the Fun of It and other books on sharing literature with children)
        Pronounced BOW-er (first syllable rhymes with "how")

Bauer, Marion Dane (author of On My Honor)
        Pronounced BOW-er (first syllable rhymes with "how")

Buehner, Mark (illustrator of Fanny's Dream)
        Pronounced BEAN-er

Brittain, Bill (author of The Wish Giver)
        Pronounced BRIT-in (like Great Britain)

Bruchac, Joseph (author of many collections of Native American tales)
        Pronounced BROO-shack

Byard, Carol (author of )
        Pronounced BAY-yerd

Calmenson, Stephanie (author of Never Take a Pig to Lunch, and Other Funny Poems About Animals)
        Pronounced KALE-men-sun (first syllable rhymes with "mail")

Carle, Eric (author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
        Pronounced CARL, the final e is not pronounced

Climo, Shirley (author of The Egyptian Cinderella)
        Pronounced CLY-mo (first syllable rhymes with "why;" last syllable rhymes with "sew")

Coerr, Eleanor (author of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes)
        Pronounced CORE (as in "apple core")

Crichton, Michael (author of Jurassic Park)
        Pronounced CRY-ton

Croll, Carolyn (author of Too Many Babas )
        Pronounced KROLE (rhymes with "roll")

Dahl, Roald (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
        Pronounced Roo-ul Doll

D'Aulaire, Edgar and Ingri (authors of D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths)
        Pronounced Doe-LAIR

De Jong, Meindert (author of The Wheel on the School)
        Pronounced MINE-ert De-YOUNG (last syllable rhymes with "sung")

De Paola, Tomie (author of the Strega Nona books)
        Pronounced Tommy Da-POW-luh

De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk (author of May I Bring a Friend?)
        Pronouced Bee-A-treese Shank day RAIN-ay (last syllable rhymes with "hay" and the s is silent)

Dewey, Ariane (illustrator of Gregory, the Terrible Eater)
        Pronounced AIR-ee-an (rhymes with "Marion") and DEW-ee (like the Dewey Decimal System)

Dorros, Arthur (author of Abuela)
        Pronounced DORE-ose (as in "front door;" last syllable rhymes with "verbose"

Du Bois, W.E.B. (author of Souls of Black Folk)
        Pronounced Doo-BOYCE

Du Bois, William Pene (author of Twenty-One Balloons)
        Pronounced William Pen Doo-BWA (short a on the last syllable, like "ooh, la, la")

Egielski, Richard (illustrator of Hey, Al)
        Pronounced Egg-GEEL-skee

Ehlert, Lois (author of Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf)
        Pronounced A-lert, the first syllable rhymes with "hay"

Ewart, Claire (illustrator of Time Train)
        Pronounced YOU-urt

Fieser, Stephen (illustrator of The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History)
        Pronounced FIE-sir (first syllable rhymes with "high")

Fleischman, Paul (author of Joyful Noise) and his father,
Fleischman, Sid (author of The Whipping Boy)
        Pronounced FLYSH-man (first syllable sounds like "try")

Gág, Wanda (author of Millions of Cats)
        Pronounced GAHG

Gardella, Tricia (author of Just Like My Dad)
        Pronounced Gar-DELL-uh

Gardiner, John Reynolds (author of Top Secret)
        Pronounced just like "gardener," one who tends a garden

Geisel, Theodore (alias Dr. Suess, author of Green Eggs and Ham)
        Pronounced GUY-zel (first syllable sounds like "try")

George, Jean Craighead (author of Julie of the Wolves)
        Pronounced just like the man's name, and properly filed under G

Gerstein, Mordicai (author of The New Creatures)
        Pronounced MORE-di-kie (middle syllable with a short i; last syllable rhymes with "pie") GRRR-steen

Giblin, James Cross (author of Be Seated: A Book About Chairs)
        Pronounced GIB-lin (first syllable rhymes with "rib") and properly filed under G

Giff, Patricia Reilly (author of Lily's Crossing)
        Pronounced GIF, with a hard g

Gilchrist, Jan Spivey (illustrator of Big Friend, Little Friend )
        Pronounced Jan SPY-vee (first syllable rhymes with "cry") GILL-krist (last syllable rhymes with "list")

Gorog, Judith (author of In a Creepy, Creepy Place)
        Pronounced GORE-rig (last syllable rhymes with "big")

Hautzig, Esther (author of The Endless Steppe)
        Pronounced HOWT-zig (first syllable rhymes with "pout")

Helligman, Deborah (author of Into the Night)
        Pronounced HIGH-lig-man

Henkes, Kevin (author of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse)
        Pronounced HENK-eez

Houston, Gloria (author of My Great-Aunt Arizona )
        Pronounced HEW-stun, just like the city in Texas

Jacques, Brian (author of the Redwall series)
        Pronounced JAKES, like the boy's name, with a long A

Kasza, Keiko (author of The Wolf's Chicken Stew)
        Pronounced KAY-KO KAZA (all syllables get equal emphasis; first syllable rhymes with "say")

Kehret, Peg (author of Deadly Stranger)
        Pronounced CARROT, like the vegetable

Kerr, M.E. (author of Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack)
        Pronounced CUR, rhymes with "fur"

Kjelgaard, Jim (author of Big Red)
        Pronounced KYEL-gard (first syllable is like "yell" preceeded by a hard k; second is like the first part of "garden")

Koertge, Ron (author of Mariposa Blues)
        Pronounced KUR-chee

Komaiko, Leah (author of Annie Bananie )
        Pronounced LEE-ah Ko-MAKE-oh

Kraus, Robert (author of Leo the Late Bloomer )
        Pronounced KROWSE, rhymes with "mouse"

Kuskin, Karla (author of The Philharmonic Gets Dressed)
        Pronounced KUSS-kin (first syllable rhymes with "fuss;" second syllable rhymes with "sin")

Lattimore, Deborah Nourse (author of The Dragon's Robe)
        Pronounced Debra Norse LATT-i-more (Nourse rhymes with "horse;" Lattimore rhymes with "Matt is more")

Le Guin, Ursula (author of Catwings)
        Pronounced Luh-GWINN

Levinson, Nancy Smiler (author of Clara and the Bookwagon)
        Pronounced LEVIN'S-son (rhymes with "Heaven's son")

Levoy, Myron (author of The Hanukkah of Great-Uncle Otto)
        Pronounced La-VOY (La as in "a note to follow sol")

Levy, Elizabeth (author of Frankenstein Moved in on the Fourth Floor )
        Pronounced LEE-VEE

Lionni, Leo (author of Swimmy)
    Pronounced Lee-OH-nee

Luttrell, Ida (author of Lonesome Lester)
        Pronounced Lew-TRELL (first syllable rhymes with the man's name "Lou")

Maccarone, Grace (author of Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox)

MacLachlan, Patricia (author Sarah, Plain and Tall)
        Pronounced Mick-LAW-klin

Marcellino, Fred (illustrator of Puss in Boots)
        Pronounced Mar-sell-EE-no

McCully, Emily Arnold (author of Speak Up, Blanche!)
        Pronounced Mick-KULL-ee, properly filed under M

Mohr, Nicolasa (author of El Bronx Remembered )
        Pronounced Nick-oh-LAH-sa MORE

Neumeyer, Peter (author of Mischa and his Brothers )
        Pronounced NEW-mire (last syllable rhymes with "hire")

Numeroff, Laura (author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)
        Pronounced NEW-mir-off (middle syllable rhymes with "sir")

Pfeffer, Wendy (author of A Log's Life)
        Pronounced FEFF-ur (first syllable is like "left" without the t)

Polacco, Patricia (author of Chicken Sunday)
        Pronounced Puh-LOCK-oh

Reid Banks, Lynne (author of The Indian in the Cupboard)
        Pronounced Reed BANKS, and is properly filed under R, not B

Reiss, Johanna (author of The Upstairs Room)
        Pronounced Jo-HANNA REECE

Rochman, Hazel (author of Against Borders: Promoting Books for a Multicultural World )
        Pronounced ROCK-man

Sachar, Louis (author of the Wayside School books)
        Pronounced LOO-iss SACK-er

San Souci, Robert (author of Cendrillon)
        Pronounced San Soo-SEE

Schertle, Alice (author of Down the Road)
        Pronounced SHURT-el (rhymes with "Myrtle")

Scieszka, Jon (author of The Time Warp Trio series)
        Pronounced John SHESS-ka (rhymes with "Fresca")

Seidler, Tor (illustrator of The Steadfast Tin Soldier)
        Pronounced SIDE-ler (and Tor rhymes with "more")

Selznick, Brian (illustrator of Frindle )
        Pronounced SELLS-nick

Shusterman, Neal (author of Darkness Creeping)
        Pronounced NEEL SHOES-stir-man

Siebert, Diane (author of Heartland)
        Pronounced SEE-burt (rhymes with "sea bird")

Siegelson, Kim (author of The Terrible, Wonderful Tellin' at Hog Hammock)
        Pronounced SEA-gull-son

Slobodkina, Esphyr (author of Caps for Sale)

Slote, Alfred (author of Finding Buck McHenry)
        Pronounced SLOTE; rhymes with "boat"

Smith, Jane Denitz (author of Charlie is a Chicken)
        Properly filed under S

Smith, Janice Lee (author of the Adam Joshua Capers)
        Properly filed under S

Spirn, Michele Sobel (author of )
        Pronounced Mi-SHELL SO-bal (like "global") SPURN

Steig, William (author of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble)
        Pronounced STYG (Stei rhymes with "eye" and then a hard g, as in "girl")

Streatfeild, Noel (author of the Ballet Shoes)
        Pronounced NOel STRET-feeld (last name's first syllable rhymes with "pet")

Whelan, Gloria (author of A Week of Raccoons)
        Pronounced WAY-lynn

Wiesnewski, David (author of Tuesday)
        Pronounced Wiz-NESS-kee (this is the pronunciation that David and his family use, though other families differ)

Wijngaard, Juan (illustrator of Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady)
        Pronounced WINE-gard (first syllable sounds like "line")

Wimmer, Mike (illustrator of Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth )
        Pronounced WIMM-er; rhymes with "swimmer"

Wojciechowska, Maia (author of Shadow of a Bull)
        Pronounced MY-a Voy-cha-HOF-ska

Zindel, Paul (author of The Pigman)
        Pronounced Zin-DELL