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2. Finding Information

2.1 How many sources of information are available?

Are there books you can use?
What about CD-ROMS or the Internet?

Are there people who you could ask for information?
Could you use newspapers, magazines,
or other documents, like letters or brochures from an organization?

To do:
Write down a list of as many different sources as you can think of from which you
might find some of the answers to the questions you wrote in 1.2.

2.2 Which sources are most useful?

Is an encyclopedia a better source than the dictionary for information on whales?

Does some information need to be new?
Is older information OK in some situations?

Is the source from an expert or just someone who is interested in this topic?

To do:
Look at the list of sources you wrote in 2.1.
Put a check next to the ones you think may help you the most. Number them 1, 2, 3, etc., with 1 being the MOST helpful.