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4. Using Information

4.1 Read, hear, view, or touch the information.

Read an article on whales, then have someone read it to you and ask you questions.

Watch or listen to an author interview.

Go to a museum and see artifacts.

To do:
Read the information that you got from your most helpful source.Try having someone else read it to you and ask you questions to see if you understood it.

4.2 Decide which infomation you can really use.

"Does it answer one of my questions?"
"Will it make the report interesting?"
"Is it an important fact about this topic?"

To do:
Look back at the question list you made in Step 1.2.
Make a short note on a card (or highlight sentences on a copy)
ONLY if they directly answer
the questions you asked. Do not use any parts that don't actually help you.
Save all your note cards, or keep your marked copies, in one spot, such as a folder or manila envelope.