Proof Of Concept Case Study Validating That Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generation System Installation On Nonprofit And Affordable Housing Can Be Done At Grid Parity Today.

Florida PV Case Study - Habitat For Humanity - Summer 2012

Individual PV installations

#1 Southeast Volusia County - Completed - 5280 watts
#2 Manatee County #1643 - Completed - 2640 watts
#3 Manatee County #1637 - Completed - 2640 watts
#4 Charlotte North Carolina - Completed - 1225 watts- 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee sponsor 
#5 Hillsborough County - Completed - 1020 watts 2012 Republication National Convention Committee sponsor 
#6 Habitat For Humanity Seminole County  - SIPS Construction
#7 Habitat For Humanity of Greater Orlando
#8 Lake-Sumter County Habitat For Humanity
#9 University Of Central Florida
#10 Rollins College

1.    Charlotte North Carolina Habitat for Humanity affiliate installs 1280 watt Solar PV system on new Habitat home built at the Democratic National Convention           

               of the solar array installation at the Democratic National Convention 9-6-2012

(production data reset 2/28/2014)

2.  Southeast Volusia County is the FIRST Habitat for Humanity affiliate in FLORIDA to install a Solar PV Electric Generation System on a new Habitat home.
"Raising The SUN Roof" Day is Tuesday 8-21-2012

 *  Manatee County is the FIRST Habitat For Humanity affiliate in FLORIDA to receive LEED PLATINUM certification in addition to installing TWO Solar PV Electric Generation systems.

   3.  Manatee solar PV electric generation system installation #1

   4.  Manatee solar PV electric generation system installation #2

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 5. Hillsborough County - Tampa - 2012 Republican National Convention Veterans build













                                         Before                                                                               After

Project at a Glance:

  • FPL Solar Rebate of $10,540 to two affiliates
  • Manatee County Near Zero LEED Platinum super efficient new construction duplex
  • Southeast Volusia County new construction. Solar thermal hot water heater and 5280 watts of Solar Photovoltaic electric generation could quite easily ELIMINATE the homeowners monthly utility bill completely.
  • SIEMENS donates state of the art solar microinverter technology to validate case study of Habitat For Humanity installations of PV solar electric generation systems.

  • 1. Southeast Volusia County Habitat For Humanity                 5280 watt photovoltaic system COMPLETED  view LIVE solar energy production HERE
  • 2. Manatee County Habitat For Humanity #1639      LEED Platinum Duplex  2640 watt photovoltaic system COMPLETED view LIVE solar energy production HERE 
  • 3. Manatee County Habitat For Humanity  #1643    LEED Platinum Duplex    2640 watt photovoltaic system COMPLETED view LIVE solar energy production HERE     
  • 4. Charlotte North Carolina Habitat For Humanity  1225 watt photovoltaic system                               COMPLETED  view LIVE solar energy production HERE
  •    2012 Democratic National Convention Committee sponsor - Energy-Efficiency Build              
  • 5. Habitat For Humanity of Hillsborough County 1020 watt photovoltaic system COMPLETED   view LIVE solar energy production HERE
  •    2012 Republican National Convention Committee Sponsor - Veterans Build

  •                             Habitat for Humanity hosts events at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions focusing on veterans and energy-efficiency

Project Objectives

To prove that Solar Photovoltaic prices and soft cost have come down to the level in Florida whereby an affordable housing or nonprofit homebuilder can provide a new homeowner with a PV solar electric generation system at no cost to the homeowner or the nonprofit builder.

This new POSITIVE cash flow has the potential to dramatically disrupt the present Habitat For Humanity financial model and bring clean renewable power to scale.

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Florida Power and Light Residential Solar Rebate Program

Photovoltaics (PV)

What It Is and How It Works

Photovoltaic solar panels absorb sunlight and convert the sun's energy into direct current (DC) electrical energy.

The electricity travels from the solar panels to an inverter, which converts the DC power into alternating current, or AC – the current you use every day.

The energy created travels to your breaker panel, where it is ready for use in your home or business. Any time your system generates more than you can use, the excess electricity is sent to the grid for your use at a later time. If you need more electricity than your system generates, you can get the remainder from the grid.

Photovoltaics (PV), commonly known as solar cells, were developed in the 1950s to power Earth-orbiting satellites. Today they are used to power everything from hand-held calculators to cellular telephone towers. In some cases, photovoltaics are used where it is prohibitively expensive or impossible to deliver electricity by traditional means.

Solar cells use direct and scattered sunlight to produce direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted to alternating current (AC) for use in homes and businesses. PV devices are commonly made from rigid, crystalline silicon, although other materials can also be used. 

Solar cells are often grouped together in panels of about 1 square foot to 1 square yard, and panels can be grouped together in larger modules and arrays. They are typically mounted at a fixed angle facing south, southeast or southwest, or on a tracking device that moves to follow the sun, allowing the cells to capture the most sunlight over the course of a day. 

With the appropriate equipment, PV can operate in connection with the electric utility grid, offering users the opportunity to get credit from FPL for any excess electricity generated in a process called "net metering." The FPL Solar Rebates Program requires PV systems to be interconnected with our grid. For more information on this subject, please visit

Customers should choose products and contractors carefully, given the many variables involved. FPL bears no responsibility for the quality or performance of any products or contractors chosen by the customer.

Florida Solar PV Case Study

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