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Don't Forget to Visit SOITA at OETC 2015

posted Feb 10, 2015, 5:56 AM by Caryn Kelley
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Don't Forget to Check Out SOITA's Sessions:

Flip Your Staff Meeting: 
Administrators are being asked to support creativity and innovative teaching practices in their schools and one way to accomplish this is to model innovative practice. The Flipped Staff Meeting is an excellent way to make announcements, poll your staff to target professional develop needs, begin conversations, and empower teachers to drive decision making. In this class we will develop the definition of a Flipped Staff Meeting, look at activities which work well presented through the Flipped model and discover tools which support administrators looking to implement the Flipped model.

Using OneNote for Student Notebooks: 
Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that provides a single place where you can gather all of your notes and information, with the added benefits of powerful search capabilities to find what you are looking for quickly. OneNote delivers the flexibility to gather and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recordings, and more — all in one digital notebook on your computer. Learn how to get started using OneNote and effectively mange information overload. The familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office system makes it easy to start using the program right away!

Google Power Users Workshop:
 Sometimes the most helpful tips and tricks for using GAFE are overlooked simply because we're too busy. That's unfortunate because those tips and tricks can be just what we need to make things easier. Join us to find out about some of those little nuggets of information that will improve your workflow and efficiency. 

Curating and Editing Videos with YouTube: 
The YouTube Video Editor allows you to combine multiple videos and images, trim your video clips to custom lengths, add music from YouTube’s library of approved tracks, and customize your clips with special tools and effects. Join us as we learn how to use this simple, intuitive video editor, publish and share videos, and explore additional ways YouTube videos can enhance your instruction!