Your staff wants access to educational technology professional development when they need it and on their own time schedule.  

Welcome a new service from SOITA called PD4U! 

In addition to containing the recorded video streams of our popular TeleTech presentations, PD4U also offers hundreds of videos on-demand.  Each video was created by SOITA, featuring one of our expert instructors, so they are NOT a typical webinar of talking screen shots. The collections of videos are logically arranged so your staff can easily find what they are looking for with no wasted time.  

Video Categories & Sample Topics

iPad Resources

Teaching with an iPad
iPad Apps for K-12 Math
iPad Apps for Classroom Management
iPad Apps for K-6
App-Specific Programs

Photo Editing

Photoshop Elements Series:
Using Photoshop Elements
Blending Images
Depth of Field Effect
One Image Inside Another

Google Apps for Education

Make a Connection with Google Hangouts
Understanding & Exploring Google Script
Making the Move to a Paperless Classroom with Google
Do More with Google Sheets
I Didn't Know Google Could do That!
Creating Class Sites with Google Sites

Useful Classroom Resources

INFOhio Resources
Online Resources for Motivating Reluctant Readers
Online Resources for Keyboarding
Creating Videos for the Flipped Classroom


5-Part Series on Audacity

SMART Board Tutorials

SMART Notebook 11 (2014 Coming Soon!)
Customizing Your Tools
Gallery Essentials
Lesson Activity Toolkit
My Content Folder
Floating Tools

Web Resources

IFTTT (If This Then That)
Free Online Tools for Creating Bibliographies
Creating Online Quizzes and Surveys
Supercharge Your Internet Searching
Websites for the Busy Educator

Ed Tech Products

Gadgets Galore!
What Tablet Should You Buy?
Comparing Popular eReaders
Windows 8
iPad Accessories

Microsoft Office

What's New in Office 2013
Windows 8
Conditional Formatting in Excel
Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Mail Merge
Formatting Tricks

Let's Talk Careers!

Athletic Training
Biomedical Engineer
Crime Scene Investigation