Session Listing

Below you will find a listing of sessions that will be offered
at The Annual DRSC STEM Conference. 
The session schedule will be posted in August.

Design Thinking: Using Critical Thinking Skills to Solve Authentic Real World Problems
Students at Beavercreek City Schools are collaborating together to solve real-world problems through the design thinking process. In our design labs, students research real issues, create empathy, design pro-types, test the pro-types, present their findings to classmates and adults, and then create a final product that can be used for real world application. This process is student-led and highly collaborative and engaging. This session will provide student created presentations and proto-types and teacher lesson plans on the design thinking process for grades 8-12.
Presenter:  Todd Bandow 

Director of English Language Learners and Instructional Services Supervisor at Beavercreek City Schools. In charge of Design Thinking Programs including the following: development of partnerships, student internships, curriculum and instruction, implementation of products and services, and innovation club. Responsible for overall management and delivery of English Language Learners services and instruction. Supervises services and supports for special needs students at Shaw Elementary and Ferguson Hall 9th Grade Academy

Rising Above the Obstacles
Presenter: Barrington Irvng
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Session A: 9:40-10:30 a.m.

Addressing the STEM Dilemma - An Elementary School Approach

Presenter: Barrington Irving
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Hands On Engineering Design for YOUR Elementary Classroom
Presenter: Angela McMurry
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How STEM Inquiry Activities Can Be Used Across the Curriculum
Presenter: Benjamin McCombs
Conference Tracks:  Bringing Computer Science to Every Child
Presenter: Ann Puckett
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STEM Care Instructions - Turn Inside Out
Presenter: Meg Draeger
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STEM at the High School Level:  Realistic Methods of Engaging Secondary Learners
Presenter: Carly Monfort
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Session B: 10:40-11:30 a.m.

Addressing the STEM Dilemma - A Middle & High School Approach

Presenter: Barrington Irving
Conference Tracks:

"Mom!  I Can't be's a STEM Day!" - Part 1
Presenters: Dee Van Brackel & Betsy Chadd
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STEM Growth:  The Administrator Role
Presenter: Amy Anyanwu
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Science Saturdays - A Science Experiment in the Making
Presenters: Kevin Cornell 
& Jeanette McNally
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Session C: 12:40-1:30 p.m.

Bridging the School & Industry Gap:  A Moderated Panel of STEM Professionals
Presenters: Moderator, Liz Wolfe-Eberly & Panelists
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Hands-On Introduction to the Engineering Design Process and STEM Education Quality Framework
Presenters: Laura Drager & Kim Lykens 
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Ohana Sk8 Factory 
Presenters: Lettye Burgtorf, Mike Sturdivant, Collin Reeves
Conference Tracks: 

Animate This!
Presenters: Nicole Bauas & Christie Ruschau
Conference Tracks: 
"Mom!  I Can't be's a STEM Day!"—Part 2
Presenters: Dee Van Brackel & Betsy Chadd
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More Than Just Content - Meeting Cognitive Demands with STEM
Presenter: Benjamin McCombs
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Session D: 1:40-2:30 p.m.

Making Career Exploration Work
Presenters: Arch Grieve & Robin Fisher
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Journey Outside the Classroom with Google Tour Builder; Learn Assessment Techniques to Support the Adventure! - BYOD
Presenter: Caryn Kelley
Conference Tracks: 

Techniques to Promote STEM Literacy
Presenters: Bern Schwieterman & Jay Borchers
Conference Tracks: 

Training an Online Generation of STEM Educators
Presenter: Dr. Jim Rowley
Conference Tracks: 

Session E: 2:40-3:30 p.m.

What it Takes to Build a 21st Century Workforce
Presenter: Emily Frake
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STEM Day in the Park
Presenter: Kathleen Bledsoe
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Integrating Technical Writing for Student Success
Presenter: Angela McMurry
Conference Tracks:
Engaging Early Learners in STEM
Presenter: Kristina Dobberstein
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PBS LearningMedia:
Enhance STEM Education through Digital Media

Presenter: Kevin Cornell
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Closing Session: 3:40-4:00 p.m.

Presenters: Shannon Cox & Kevin Cornell
Don't miss out on the final session of The Annual DRSC STEM Conference.
Fantastic door prizes will be awarded. 
Must be present to win.